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A 'Sleeping Beauty Goes Camping' Birthday Invitation

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By MeganCooley

A 'Sleeping Beauty Goes Camping' Birthday Invitation

The invitations for the camping party look like tents.

A 'Sleeping Beauty Goes Camping' Birthday Invitation

I used a coloring book image and added a marshmallow.

Tell us about the party.

My daughter couldn't decide between a camping-themed birthday party or a Barbie-themed one. Eventually, she came up with the idea to combine them and have a Barbie Goes Camping party.

A few weeks later, she replaced Barbie with Sleeping Beauty, so now it's a Sleeping Beauty Goes Camping party. Once I made the invitations, I told her she couldn't change her mind again.

Tell us about the birthday invitations.

I made the invitations and the envelopes myself.

I used Microsoft Word to create the invitations. I was able to print two per page. The Sleeping Beauty picture was taken off a coloring book website. I added a skewer with a marshmallow roasting on top to make it look like she was going camping.

I designed the size of the invitations (4 inches by 8 inches) so that when I folded them, they'd look like tents.

I wanted the invitations to have a Cath Kidston feel to them, so I scanned a piece of pink floral fabric to make the back side of the tent. I printed this scan out on a color copier at Kinko's, and the printed the invitation wording and Sleeping Beauty picture on the other side.

I also scanned a piece of kitschy camping fabric and printed those out to make the envelopes.

Tips and Tricks

  • Practice making your invitations on regular paper at home before heading to the copy shop. Color copies are expensive, so you don't want to get the size wrong.
  • I love to scan fabric to get great images on paper. If you don't find the paper you want at a scrapbooking store, visit a fabric store instead!

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