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Chocolate-Themed Party Ideas


Start with chocolate bar invitations. Add a dash of chocolate-inspired decorations. Stir in some cocoa-infused baking activities. Combine with sweet treats and favors made of chocolate. Follow this recipe to throw a chocolate-themed party that promises a sweet time!

Chocolate Bar Invitations

Image © Christine Gauvreau
How about not just inviting friends to a chocolate-themed party, but giving them a sneak preview? A chocolate bar invitation doesn’t just tell the time and date of the party, but gives guests a sample to enjoy before the event.

To turn an ordinary chocolate bar into a party invitation, type the information you want in the center of a word document that has been set up for a 6-x6-inch page layout. Add clipart, if desired, and print on 6-x6-inch decorative paper(found in craft stores). Fold it over the chocolate bar and seal it closed with a glue stick. Add stickers or embellishments of your choice.

If you don't want to do it yourself, you can also use a candy bar wrapper template.


Image: Clipart.com
There are many ways you can decorate for a chocolate themed party. Start by choosing a color scheme that includes the color brown as the main component. Additional colors to consider include red or pink for Valentine’s Day, the birthday child’s favorite color if it’s a birthday party or the colors found on your child’s favorite candy bar wrapper. Use the color scheme for items such as paper goods, tableware, balloons and party streamers.

More chocolate party decorating ideas:
  • For a Valentine’s Day party, arrange chocolate chips into the shape of a heart, or fill a heart shaped bowl with them to use as a centerpiece.
  • Chocolate kisses or small chocolate candies as table confetti.
  • String together miniature chocolate bars to hang as party garlands.
  • Hang a chocolate wreath like this one from Hershey on the front door. Use red and silver wrapped chocolate for a Valentine’s Day party or just silver for any occasion.
  • Use chocolate syrup to write each guest’s name on her plate at the party table, or arrange miniature chocolate chips to spell out the names.


Image: Clipart.com
The best activity for a chocolate-themed party is one that includes making something chocolate. Gather kids in the kitchen to bake, create or decorate a chocolate-inspired recipe. Some suggestions for chocolate-themed activities include:
  • Make your own chocolate hearts .
  • Bake and decorate chocolate cupcakes, cake pops or cookies.
  • Make lollipops from chocolate melts and molds (found in craft stores).
  • Build and decorate chocolate houses (use chocolate graham crackers and chocolate frosting to build them just like you would gingerbread homes)
  • Make Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Make individual chocolate pizzas (cookie dough baked into heart shapes, topped with chocolate sauce or frosting and strawberries or red candy pieces).
  • Read chocolate-themed story books, such as Lily's Chocolate Heart.
  • Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Enjoy a move snack of popcorn tossed with chocolate chips.

Chocolate Menu

Image: Clipart.com
Yes, the focus is on chocolate, but nobody wants the kids to overload on sugar. Consider serving some sort of main dish and having a couple of chocolate items as complements to the menu. Some of the items the kids make as an activity can be taken home as party favors rather than consumed at the party.

This party can be quite indulgent, so you may want to choose just a couple of chocolate elements to actually consume at the event. Other items can be taken home to eat at another time. Have other food and drink options on hand to balance out the consumption of chocolate.

Some chocolate ideas for the menu:
  • Have a chocolate fondue station.
  • Set up an ice cream bar with a variety of chocolate ice creams and chocolate toppings.
  • Serve chocolate milk or milkshakes.
  • Chocolate trail mix: made with items such as chocolate cereal, chocolate yogurt raisins, chocolate covered pretzels or miniature chocolate chips.


Image: Clipart.com
Now that the kids have been inspired to create chocolate recipes, why not send them off with a party favor that allows them to continue to do so at home. A jar filled with the ingredients for a chocolate cake, along with an attached recipe card, for instance, makes a pretty party favor.

More ideas for chocolate party favors:
  • Boxes of chocolate.
  • Chocolate lollipops.
  • Hot cocoa mix.
  • Single-serve sized boxes of chocolate cereal.
  • Bottles of chocolate syrup.
  • Chocolate cookbooks.
  • Candy bars (like the invitations) wrapped in thank you notes.
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