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How to Play Candy Heart Bingo


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How to Make Candy Heart Bingo Cards
How to Play Candy Heart Bingo
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Looking for a Valentine party game? These easy to make cards put a love-ly spin on the game of Bingo. Make them to give out to players at your next Valentine's Day party for kids.

What You’ll Need:
  • 6-x-6-inch Valentine-themed paper.
  • Conversation Hearts.
  • Computer and printer.
  1. Choose a decorative style of paper that is compatible with your home printer. Decorative paper in this size can be found in most craft stores. You can also use standard size copier paper, if desired.
  2. Set your word processing document to the correct size for the paper you are using.
  3. Type the letters L-O-V-E-U in the header section.
  4. Insert a table that has five rows and five columns, evenly spaced to fill the page.
  5. Type the messages found on the conversation hearts into the boxes created by the tables.
  6. Type “Happy Valentine’s Day” in the center space that is traditionally considered a free space in the game of Bingo.
  7. Center all of the text.
  8. Print.
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