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Throw a Thanksgiving Party for Kids


The turkey, the stuffing and Grandma’s candied yams; Thanksgiving probably wouldn’t be the same without them. It also wouldn’t be the same without the kids who light up around the holidays like no other time of the year. Whether you’re planning to have a group of little pilgrims at your Thanksgiving celebration, planning a classroom feast or simply want to throw a party for kids in honor of the holiday, treat them to some of these Thanksgiving party ideas that are sure to leave them giving thanks.

Thanksgiving Placemat Invitations

Looking for a fun way to ask kids to come to your Thanksgiving celebration? How about sending these printable placemats as the invitations? Simply write the party time and location on the back and ask guests to color and bring their own placemats to the occasion.

More ideas for Thanksgiving party invitations:
  • Colored paper, cut into the shape of a turkey.
  • Thanksgiving clipart images on flyer-style invitations.
  • A photo of your kids dressed in Pilgrim costumes.
  • A piece of paper, cut into a turkey feather that each recipient must bring to place on a large paper turkey at the gathering.


Decorating for a Thanksgiving party can be easy to do when you focus on a harvest color scheme. Combine items such as balloons and crepe-paper streamers in autumn colors of brown, red, yellow and orange with table linens and place settings to match. In addition to this colorful array, items to scatter around the party space include:


When kids arrive, one of the first activities you can have them do is make Pilgrim hats and Native American headbands. Once these projects are complete, they can use them play Thanksgiving dress-up or stage their own reenactment of the first Thanksgiving.

Other ideas for Thanksgiving party activities:
  • Thanksgiving Party Games.
  • Thankful Turkey handprint craft.
  • Thankful Cornucopias: Make a cornucopia for each guest. Hand out slips of paper to the children, and ask them to fill the cornucopias with messages of why they are thankful to have each other as friends.
  • Table setting race: Divide kids into two teams and have them race to see who can set their side of the table first. You can use paper goods and set a mock table for this activity.
  • Read Thanksgiving stories.
  • Have them write their own Thanksgiving story.
  • Have a Thanksgiving parade of your own.
  • Watch a Thanksgiving movie, such as A Charlie Browns Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Feast for Kids

If your kids’ party is part of your actual Thanksgiving Day celebration, the meal will naturally consist of whatever you’re preparing for the holiday. On another date, or for a classroom celebration, however, you may wish to create a scaled down, or more portable version of the traditional feast. Some menu suggestions include:
  • Turkey sandwiches that have been cut with a turkey-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Dried cranberries.
  • Thanksgiving pie.
  • Turkey and corn muffins: Mix chopped up pieces of cooked turkey and canned corn with a box of corn muffin mix. Add other ingredients as instructed on the box. Pour into muffin pans and bake until cooked through.
  • Turkey cupcakes.
  • Turkey cake.
  • Apple Cider.


Thanksgiving cone-ucopias are treats that can be used as party favors. Fill them with sweets such as small chocolate rounds, candy corn and pumpkin candies.

More Thanksgiving party favor ideas:
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