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How to Throw an Olympics Party for Kids

Ideas for food, activities, decorations and more


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Looking for a clever way to package treats at an Olympics party for kids? Follow the lead of Alpha Mom's Cindy Hopper and wrap cookies in gold foil, attach them to ribbons and then hang the "gold medals" around guests' necks.

Photo courtesy of Cindy Hopper of Alpha Mom.

Even though most of us can't attend the Olympics, we can bring the games home with an Olympics party for kids.

Whether your child has a birthday party coming up and plans to use an Olympics theme or you just want to invite some kids over to watch some of the big events on TV, here are some fun ideas.

  • Purchase blue, yellow, black, green and red hula hoops (the colors of the Olympic rings), and have a contest to see who can hula hoop the longest. Give the hoops away as favors at the end of the party.
  • Make Olympic torches out of paper-towel tubes, then tell the kids to have a relay race, passing the torches as they go, around the neighborhood.
  • Hold other competitions, like raw-egg-on-a-spoon races, tug o' war and keep the balloon in the air the longest.
  • Send everyone home with faux-gold medals (compare prices) or dangle them from your ceiling as a decoration.
  • Make gold-medal cookies and Olympic torches for the kids following instructions on Alphamom.com.
  • Serve a smorgasbord of international foods and decorate with small flags from around the world.
  • Check out more cute Olympics party ideas on Parents.com, including torch-shaped invitations and gold-medal goodie bags. The Web site Canadian Family also has some great ideas for an Olympics party.
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