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A Miniature Tent Served as a Tabletop Decoration

Pink fabric tied the princess theme to the camping one


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Megan Cooley

I'd planned to set a large table outside with food and decorations, but a dusty wind storm struck on the day of the party. Instead of setting a table with the girls' bunnies resting on each place setting (oh, how charming it could have been), we had to go between the backyard and the kitchen for food.

One item that definitely would have blown away was the pink tent pictured here, which I made as a decoration. After the party, my daughter kept the tent and uses it as a place for her Barbies to sleep.

The party started at 5 p.m., so we served sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly; mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese; chicken and pesto, turkey and apples) for dinner. The girls also snacked on watermelon and carrots and dip. My daughter insisted on carrots because that's what the prince feeds his horse in the Sleeping Beauty movie.

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