1. Parenting
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Tips for Throwing a Cheap Party That Feels Rich

How to save money when planning a kid's birthday party


We've all read about over-the-top kids' birthday parties, but we can't all afford to shower our children with gifts and experiences. And we might not even want to. These resources will show you how to throw a frugal party that's just as meaningful as those big bashes--if not more!

1. Plan a Party on a Budget

Instead of focusing on what you can’t afford, think creatively about what you can do, even on a small budget. These tips will show you how to save money on a kid's birthday party.

2. FAQ: How Can I Save Money on Party Favors?

The cost of favors can really add up. This article will give you ideas for inexpensive party favors and offer advice for making favors work double duty at a kid's birthday party.

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