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Top Winter Party Ideas


Whether you’re honoring a special occasion or just looking to cure the wintertime blues, try one of these top winter party ideas for your next celebration.

Winter Pool Party

Tween girls laugh in pool.
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Don’t let a little bit of snow on the ground deprive the kids in your life of one of summers greatest joys: the swimming pool. An indoor pool offers the chance to splash, swim and celebrate in a controlled climate while the weather outside is frightful. Suggestions for places that may have a pool area available to rent include hotels, community centers and fitness centers.

While the pool itself is enough to excite your guests, decorations may be used to enhance the concept of summer fun in wintertime. The decorating for this party could consist of warm, tropical colors, or a combination of winter and summer accents, such as inflatable palm tees adorned with snowflakes and snowflake-printed towels draped over the lounge chairs. A pool-party cake topped with polar bear figurines, and fur-lined flip-flops for party favors are suggestions for additional party elements that reflect the theme of this winter pool party.

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Penguin Party

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No matter the time of year, animals of all kinds are a hit with kids. If your party takes place during the winter, however, why not feature a favorite winter creature: The penguin. A black and white color scheme allows for budget-friendly decorating with balloons and streamers, which may be hung over a table set with penguin-themed tableware. These basics will work on their own, or may be combined with a few extras, such as snowflakes, plush penguins and guests dressed in black and white.

Entertaining is as easy as the decorating with traditional party games that prompt the kids to mimic these Arctic animals. A penguin craft or a movie, like Mr. Popper’s Penguins or Happy Feet can provide further entertainment, while penguin-themed food, such as a penguin cupcakes cake and penguin-themed favors round out the party.

Snowflake Ball

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Though repeated snowstorms may cause the white stuff to lose its luster with adults, for kids, snowfall never stops being magic. A banquet hall or party space draped in icicle lights and adorned with hanging snowflakes sets the stage for a party that recreates that kind of magic.

Decorating ideas include a sparkling entryway sprinkled with artificial snow, elegant table settings and shimmering blue and white accent pieces. Guests may also be enchanted by snowflakes that dangle above their heads as they twirl away on the dance floor. For entertainment, consider a ballroom dance lesson and party games that are tailored to suit the snowflake theme. Ice sculptures and an artificial snow-pumping machine are options that enhance the magical feeling of the snowflake ball.

Snow Castle Party

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Who needs sunshine and sand to build a castle? Take advantage of the white stuff in your backyard and host a snow-castle building party. For this party, guests should come bundled up and prepared to spend some time outside where they will use beach pails, shovels and a variety of carving tools to create castles made of snow. Whether you turn the event into a castle-sculpting contest or have the kids work together to create one large snow castle, this party just may have them begging to stay outdoors.

Indoors, greet cold and hungry guests with warming foods, such as soup or chili. Hot cocoa is, of course, the drink of choice (don’t forget the marshmallows!), while white frosting and flaked coconut can turn most any dessert into a snow-topped delight. Beach pails filled with winter warmers, such mittens and scarves, make cute parting gifts for guests of the snow castle party.

Birthday On Ice

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The ice skating rink is fun winter venue that welcomes friends and loved ones to accompany the birthday child as she glides into a new year. Invitations that resemble show tickets or backstage passes are ideas for invitations that play on the “Birthday on Ice” theme. At the rink, consider having an instructor on hand to give a lesson or assist beginners as they skate freestyle. Activities such as freeze skate or ice-skating relay-races can entertain them on the ice, while suggested games to play off the ice include a blindfolded search for their shoes.

Concession stands provide an easy solution to mealtime, or a private party room may be available to serve your own fare. Consider a replica of a skating rink for the birthday cake, along with hot cocoa in thermoses that may be taken home as party favors.

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