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Favorite Slumber Party Games


You’ve set out the sleeping bags, chosen the perfect pajamas and whipped up a variety of snacks. All that’s left to do at this sleepover is sleep. Well, after the makeovers, movies and a few rounds of these fun slumber party games, that is.

1. Sleeping Bag Shuffle

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Once the kids have set up their sleeping bags, choose one player to be “it.” Have that player leave the room. All of the other guests then crawl into the sleeping bags (not their own). The “it” player returns to the room and tries to guess who is inside the sleeping bags. She may tap on a sleeping bag and ask a question of the person inside, such as “What is your favorite movie?” The player inside of the sleeping bag may disguise her voice when answering. If the “it” player’s guess is incorrect, she may move on to another sleeping bag and ask another question. When she guesses correctly, however, the player inside of the bag must now be “it.” When that player leaves the room, guests change their sleeping bags.

2. Therapist

Assign one slumber party guest to be the therapist. The therapist leaves the room while the remaining players come up with a problem they all have, such as they are suffering from amnesia or have broken hearts. When the therapist returns to the room, he must figure out the problem by asking questions of the players. For instance, he might ask “What is your name?” and the players with amnesia will answer something like, “I don’t know.” A broken-hearted patient may say “What does it matter if my true love doesn’t call my name?” When the therapist figures out the problem from which the patients are suffering, he chooses the next player to be the doctor.

3. Spinning Nail Polish

To play this game, you will need several bottles of nail polish. A variety of bright and bold colors makes this game the most fun. Place all of the bottles of nail polish in a basket. Have the girls sit in a circle. The first player chooses a bottle of nail polish, places it in the middle of the circle and gives it a spin. The girl who the bottle top is pointing at when it stops spinning has to paint one of her nails with that color. After she paints one nail, she chooses a new color and spins the bottle, and the person to whom it points must also paint one nail with that polish. Play continues like this until everyone has painted all of their fingers and toes. The game should result in a funky, multi-colored mani-pedi for each girl.

4. Auction

Auction is a fun game where players get to purchase gifts. To prepare for the auction game, gather a collection of trinkets and gift wrap them. To make it more interesting, wrap the gifts in a variety of gift wraps and different sized boxes. Set the prizes out on a table and have the players gather nearby. Give each player $100 of fake money. Begin by holding up one gift and starting the bidding at $1. The highest bidder wins the present, but must not open it until all of the gifts have been purchased. If all of the items have been auctioned off and players still have money left, auction off things like who gets to pick which movie to watch or who gets to choose the midnight snack. Once all of the money is gone, allow the players to trade amongst themselves. Once the trading is complete, they open their gifts. Whatever is inside is theirs to keep. Make this more humorous by adding a few gag gifts into the mix.

5. Balloon Pop Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a classic slumber party game. It is sometimes best to keep this game lighthearted, however, so that no one has to suffer the embarrassment or hurt feelings that this type of game can sometimes prompt.

To play this fun version of truth or dare, come up with 10 truth questions and 10 dares before the guests arrive. This way, you can keep the questions and tasks limited to ones that are silly and easy to answer or perform. Write the truths and dares on individual sheets of paper. Fold them and insert each one into a balloon. Inflate the balloons.

When it is time to play, place a chair in the center of the room. Have the guests gather in a circle around the chair. Each player chooses a balloon, places it on the chair and must pop it by sitting on it. When the balloon pops, the player must read the truth or dare and answer accordingly.

6. Sound the Alarm

To play this slumber party game you will need a few alarm clocks. Set all of the alarms to go off and hide them around the room. There are a few ways to play:
  • Set all of the alarms for the same time and challenge players to find them all before they ring.
  • Wait for them to ring and challenge guests to find and turn them all off within a designated amount of time.
  • Stagger the times that the alarms will ring throughout the evening. Each time one sounds off, the guests must race to find it. The first one to find and turn it off gets a prize.

7. Commercial

In this fun game, guests get to make up their own television commercials. To play, elect two to three people to be the actors in the ad. The remaining guests pick a random item in the room and give the actors five minutes to make a commercial about that item. Do this several times so everyone gets a chance to make a commercial.

Record the commercials so the guests can watch them later and laugh.

8. Slumber Party Bingo

To prepare for this slumber party game, print out several blank bingo cards. Instead of Bingo, you may want to write the words “sleep” or “dream” across the top of the card. Fill a sleeping bag with things like pillows, blankets, toothbrushes, movies, bags of microwave popcorn, sleep masks and slippers. Have guests fill in the boxes on their cards with items they associate with a sleepover. Pull the items from the sleeping bag one at a time. If a player wrote down the item pulled out, she checks off that box on her Bingo card. Anyone who crosses off five boxes in a row calls out and wins a Bingo prize.

9. Frozen Pajamas

The day before the slumber party, soak a two-piece pair of pajamas in water. Wring the pieces out, roll them up and place them in the freezer. Divide guests into two teams. Give one team the pair of frozen pajama pants and the other team the frozen shirt. Using nothing but themselves, the teams race to defrost the item enough so that one of their players can wear it. The first team to have a player wearing its half of the pajamas wins.

10. Mystery Dessert

To play this game, gather two sets of ingredients that may be used to make kids dessert items. Place the ingredients in two baskets. Divide players into two teams. Challenge them to prepare a dessert in a certain amount of time without the help of a recipe or instructions. When time is up, have the slumber party hosts parents taste test the desserts and select a winner.
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