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Kids' Birthday Party Games: Soda Bottle Ring Toss

Borrow this simple game from old-time carnivals


Looking for a simple party game to play at a kid's birthday bash? There’s no reason why the classic carnival game of Soda Bottle Ring Toss can’t be played at home. Kids will especially love the prize: a bottle of sweet soda.

You will need several glass bottles of soda pop (at least 24, but more if your guest list is long), a low table and four hard plastic rings that are wide enough in diameter to fit around the neck of the bottles.

Place the soda bottles on the table, packing them close together.

Have the players stand at a designated spot at least four feet away from the table (extend the distance based on the age and abilities of your party guests). One at a time, have them take turns trying to throw the four rings around the necks of the bottles. If they ring a bottle, they get to keep it.

Tip: If you don’t have extra bottles to replace the ones that are won, just keep track of how many bottles each child wins as you go so that the later players have just as much of a chance of winning a soda bottle as the ones who go first. Then, distribute the bottles after everyone plays the game.

You'll probably have extra soda when the game is over. Be sure to give one to each of the kids who wasn't able to get a ring around a bottle.

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