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Ice Skating Party Games



If you’re planning an ice-skating birthday celebration, these games promise to keep the good times gliding, with ideas for play time both on and off of the rink. 

Four Corners

To play this game, number each corner of the ice rink or name them after colors. For instance, you can call them corners one through four or hang a different colored flag at each of the four corners. Write the numbers or colors on small pieces of paper and place them inside of an ice skate. Play some music and have the kids skate casually around the rink. Stop the music at random intervals. When the music stops, everyone must skate to one of the corners. Pull one of the notes out of the ice skate and call out the number or color. Everyone in that corner is out of the game. Put the paper back into the skate, start the music again and continue playing until only one skater remains. That player is the winner.

Freeze skate

This game is played similar to the classic party game of freeze dance. Instead of dancing, however, kids will skate along to the music in whatever manner they wish, perhaps while performing some of their favorite skating moves. When the music stops, all skaters must freeze in place. The last player to freeze is out. Play continues until all but one player have been called out. The last player left on the ice is the winner.

Skate Chain

Have kids line up with their hands on each other’s waists, like when forming a conga line. Play some music and have the kids wind around the rink while linked together in the chain. Gradually increase the speed of the music and challenge the chain to speed up as the music does. Any kids who let go or break the chain are out of the game. Play continues until only two players are left. They are the winners.



Have two kids stand behind the same starting line. On the start signal, these skaters may take three skating strides and then glide over the ice until they stop. The one who glides the farthest wins while the other player is out. Keep competing like this in pairs of two until everyone has had a turn. All of the winners will then compete against each other to see who can glide the farthest to win the game. To make it more challenging, you could also have the second round of skaters compete with one-foot-glides.

Ice Potato

This game is modeled after the traditional party activity of hot potato, but has been modified to play on the ice. Have your players skate freestyle around the rink. As they are skating, toss a foam ball to a random skater. That player must pass the ball off to the first player to cross his path. Kids will keep passing the ball from skater to skater until the music stops. Whoever is holding the ball when the music stops is out. Play continues in this manner until only one player is left. That skater is the winner.

Trinket stops

Write the names of several locations on the ice skating rink on small pieces of paper. Depending on the rink, these locations can include places like the red line, the entrance gate, the corner closest to the concession stand and so on. Play music and have kids skate around the rink. When the music stops, a location is pulled out and read to the skaters. The skater closest to that location wins a trinket prize.

Follow the Leader

This game is played very much like the well-known schoolyard game of Follow the Leader, except that it is played on the ice. To play, have skaters line up on the ice. Choose one to be the leader. That player will skate for a few feet, performing her best figure skating techniques as she does. All of the other players must follow her lead by repeating the same moves as they skate the same distance. Any player who fails to mimic the leader is out of the game. If all of the players are able to correctly follow the leader, then the leader is out and a new leader is chosen. Play continues until one player remains. That skater is the winner.

Ice Words

Write several words that have to do with ice-skating on small pieces of paper. Fold them and place them inside of an ice skate. All of the players gather on the sidelines. One player will choose a paper from the skate, look at the word (without saying it aloud) and then “spell it out” by skating. The other players must watch the motion of the skater’s feet to try and guess the word she is writing in the ice. The first player to guess correctly takes the next turn at writing a word with skates. A few suggestions for words to use include ice, skates, figure 8, rink, blade,birthday (if celebrating a birthday), and a variety of common figure skating terms.

Guess the Skating Instructor

Have all skaters gather together and choose one player to be “it.” The player who is chosen to be “it” must leave the rink. While that player is off of the rink, the rest of the players choose another player to be the “skating instructor.” Once the skating instructor has been selected, the “it” player is brought back onto the rink, but not told the identity of the instructor.

Skaters will then begin to skate as the “it” player observes. The skaters must follow the lead of the instructor without giving away who the leader is. When the skating instructor changes moves or direction, the other players must quickly do the same to try and keep the “it” player from guessing who the instructor is.  When “it” guesses who the instructor is, the instructor must become “it” and a new instructor is chosen. 

Off the Ice Games:

If you’re having an ice-skating themed party that's not actually at an ice rink, these party games feature an ice-skating theme that can be played anywhere.

Ice Skate Pass

Have party guests take off their shoes and sit in a circle. Hand one player a pair of ice skates. Play some music. While the music is playing, the player holding the skates must put them on, lace them up, and then unlace them, remove them feet and pass them to the player on her right. The second player must do the same. As the skates are passed around the circle, players must hurry to get them on and off and pass them along because anytime the music stops, a player wearing or holding the skates is out of the game. The game continues until only one player remains.

Ice Skate Charades

Divide guests into two teams. Players must not speak, but rather have to act out or draw ice-skating terms for their teammates to guess. Some suggestions for prompts that players must act out include the names of ice-skating movies, famous figure skaters, Olympic skating events and various figure skating moves.

Pin the Skate on the Skater

Draw the image of a figure skater on a large piece of poster board. Leave one skate off of the figure. Cut out the shape of a skate from another piece of poster board. Blindfold players and challenge them to pin the skate onto the foot of the figure skater. 

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