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New Years Eve Party Themes

Give your NYE party a fun theme for kids


Not every party needs to have a theme, but following one sure makes the planning more fun and focused. Here are some ideas for New Years Eve party themes for a celebration with kids.

1. Comic-Themed Children's New Year's Eve Party

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Image by Joie of Artistic Soul and courtesy of Pizzazzerie and The Purple Pug.

Party professionals from the East Coast, including Courtney Dial of Pizzazzerie and Kristy of The Purple Pug, executed a comic-strip theme for a mock New Years Eve party for children, and the results were darling.

They gave the menu items cartoonish names, such as "Porky Pigs in a blanket" and "Garfield's favorite lasagna," and the decorations were black and white with splashes of bright color, including the use of newspaper comics sections.

2. Follow a Color Scheme

Whoopie Pies, whoopie pie, devil dogs, devil dog, whoopy pies, whoopy pie, black and white
Megan Cooley

Your imagination can soar just by setting a color scheme for a party. For New Year's Eve, how about a black-and-white bash? Use black and white balloons, napkins, plates and other party supplies. Serve black and white cookies or whoopie pies.

Or go with a pastel pink and blue party theme, which you could accent with silver. Those hues might lead to a Parisian theme, in which case you could serve colorful French macaroon cookies.

If you go with a color-based theme, ask guests to dress accordingly.

3. Masquerade Ball Theme

Ask the guests to wear costumes, then hand everyone a mask when they arrive. The masks could be pre-made or plain, in which case decorating them with sequins and feathers could be a party activity. Serve a masquerade-themed cake and send everyone home with a mask-shaped cookie in a cellophane bag as a favor.

4. Game On!

Host a NYE party with a game theme. Use old board games as decorations by setting them out as hot pads on the food table or dangling them from the ceiling.

Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite board-game character, whether it's Professor Plum from Clue or one of the pink or blue peg heads from the Game of Life. Those peg heads would make great party hats, too!

You could also use game pieces and cards as decorations, including as cupcake toppers.

Play games throughout the night! If the kids are older, organize a tournament that culminates in the top two contenders going head to head around midnight. If your children are younger, play some games of Bingo with the whole party, enlisting one adult to play the part of number caller. 

5. Throw a Snow Ball

Sledding party, sledding, winter party, snow party, winter birthday party ideas, sleds
Megan Cooley

If you're lucky enough to have snow on the ground, host a sledding party for kids, either on Dec. 31 or on New Year's Day. Prepare to be outside most of the time, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows (which resemble snowballs, actually) over an open fire.

Serve hot cocoa, white cotton candy, a snowball-shaped cake or snowflake-topped cupcakes.

Click the link above for more sledding party ideas.

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