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New Year's Eve Party Games for Kids


Whether you are throwing a New Year's Eve party for kids or just ringing in the new at home with the family, gather the kids to play these New Year’s Eve party games.

1. Find the Clock

Hide an alarm clock someplace in the room. Set it to ring. Challenge kids to find it before it does. Another variation is to hide several clocks and set them all to ring at same time. Once they start ringing, kids have to find them all and turn them off while someone counts down from 10 to one (or more depending on amount of clocks).

2. New Year's Charades

Have kids separate into two teams to play a game of New Year’s Charades. Fill a party style top hat with notes that contain New Year's prompts for the kids to act out to their teammates. Suggestions for hat fillers include:
  • New Year’s Eve.
  • Noise maker.
  • Ball drop.
  • Countdown.
  • Party dress.
  • Times Square.
  • Resolutions.
  • Champagne.
  • Confetti.

These same prompts could be used to play a game of New Year’s Pictionary.

3. Karaoke

New Year’s Eve parties are traditionally noisy events, where folks celebrate with everything from noise makers to fireworks to horn blowing. What better way for kids to make some of their own New Year’s noise than with a microphone? Plug in the karaoke machine, turn up the volume and let them “sing” in the New Year! You can even set up a play list of songs with a New Year's theme, or songs that contain lyrics about things associated with New Year's Eve.

4. Guess the Resolution

As kids arrive at the party, have each one write down a New Year’s resolution they would like to make. Place the resolutions into a hat and then pull them out, one at a time, and read them aloud. When you read the resolutions, guests must guess who wrote them. Award trinket prizes to guests who guess correctly, or keep score and proclaim the person with the most correct guesses as the winner.

5. Two Resolutions and a Lie

Have the kids sit around a table, or gather on the floor in a circle. Players must take turns stating three New Year’s resolutions they will make. Two of the resolutions should be real, and one should be something just made up by the player. The rest of the players have to guess which of the resolutions is false. Keep track of the correct guesses and when every player has had a turn, the one who guessed the most correctly wins.
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