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Homemade Gifts for Mom


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Hanging Photo Plaque
Homemade Gifts for Mom
Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Don’t forget about Grandma this Mother’s Day! This hanging photo plaque is a great place to display those annual school photos. To make the Grandkids photo hanger you will need:
  • An unfinished wood plaque
  • Cardstock paper (printer size)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Decoupage medium
  • Decorative items, such as stickers
  • Clothespins (as many as she has grandchildren)
  • A photo of each grandchild
  • Glue.
  1. Cut and glue the decorative paper to the plaque.
  2. Type the text, “Grandkids Make Life Grand,” into your computer’s word processing program. Select the font style and size you prefer. Print the text onto your cardstock paper.
  3. Cut the text paper to size and attach to board.
  4. Cover with one-to-two coats of decoupage medium and allow to dry.
  5. Paint the clothespins and let dry.
  6. Glue the clothespins to the bottom of the board.
  7. Add decorative embellishments to the plaque and the tops of the clothespins.
  8. Hang photos from the clothespins.
This plaque can also be made for mom, simply change the saying to one that suits motherhood. The plaque could also be painted, and the text painted on with stencils, instead of wrapped in cardstock. However, the cardstock adds texture to a plaque with a smooth finish, and the printed text makes it easier for kids working on this project.
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