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How to Throw a Witch-Themed Party


They cackle, cast spells and fly around on magical brooms by moonlight. All of that crafty business is enough hard work to make anyone want to kick off her pointy-toed shoes and let loose at a Halloween party. Invite your favorite little witches and wizards to do just that as they celebrate the season at a witch-themed party.


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If only homemade party invitations could appear at the wink of an eye or twitch of a nose. Fortunately, there are a few options that are almost as easy.

Black cardstock, cut into the shape of a witch hat, is one idea that is easy to personalize. You could write on the hat with a white crayon or glitter pen, and even have your child decorate it with items such as colored markers, stickers or glue and ribbon.

The text for your homemade Halloween invitations can be as simple as writing “You’re invited!” on the front, and adding the time and location details on the back. If you’re looking for catchy phrasing, however, think about some sayings or items that are commonly associated with witches. For instance, use the idea of witches brew and headline your invite with a line that reads, “A party is brewing.” More ideas for witch-themed party invitations:
  • A postcard photo of a witch or your child in a witch costume.
  • Printed invitations featuring clipart images of things like witches, witches shoes, cauldrons or black cats.
  • Mini witch brooms, with a note detailing the party information attached.


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When it comes to witchy decor, black is always in style. A good choice for a color scheme is to combine black with a second color such as green, orange or purple. Streamers, balloons and paper tableware in your chosen color scheme set a good foundation for decorating your witch party space. Additional accent ideas include:
  • Cauldrons: Used as a centerpiece for the party table or scattered around the party space, cauldrons can be filled with treats, food from your party menu or dry ice to make it appear that something is brewing inside of them.
  • Witch hats: A witch hat makes a wicked centerpiece for your party table. A witch hat hanging from each chair is another fun decorating idea – and when the party is over, guests can wear them home as party favors.
  • Jack-o-lanterns topped with a witch hat or carved to portray an image of a witch.
  • Free, printable witch decoration from Family Fun.
  • Black cats: No self-respecting witch would leave her best friend behind at a party. Add some black cats to your party space, either in plush-doll or cardstock cutout form.
  • Easy witch wreath.


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Can’t find eye of newt in the local market? Have no fear – there are plenty of other witch-inspired food ideas that call for far more kid-friendly ingredients.

Witch Crafts and Games

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Is there a better time than Halloween to practice some witch crafts? These cute projects and fun games will keep party guests under an entertaining spell.
  • Witches' hats: Have guests make their own witches’ hats to wear during the party.
  • Homemade Spell Book.
  • Witch Spell Potion: use this magic potion craft idea to create witch spells.
  • Witch and Cats game.
  • Witch Photos: Set up an area to take photos of guests wearing a witch costume with a witch broom prop. Print the photos for guests to take home as keepsakes.
  • Play a variety of witch-themed party games.
  • Favors

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    When it’s time to fly away to their own homes, you can send them on their way with a witch-themed party favor, such as these witch’s broom favor bags.

    More suggestions for witch party favors:
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