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How to Throw a Scarecrow Party


Sure they may scare the crows from the fields, but at this party, the scarecrows are inviting, friendly and sweet -- especially the ones made of cake and candy. With ideas for weaving these cute, hay creatures into everything from the invitations to the dessert menu, a scarecrow theme provides a fun and friendly atmosphere in which to celebrate a gathering of friends in the harvest season.

1. Invitations

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Scarecrow magnet invitations are easy to make and an adorable way to invite guests to your party. This little guy makes a cute invitation with or without the magnet, but gluing one to his back will allow your friends to hang the invitations on their fridges to remind them about the big day.

Other ideas for scarecrow-themed party invitations:
  • Cardstock cutouts in the shape of a scarecrow.
  • Invitations printed on paper with an autumn border or design, such as fall leaves, cornstalks or pumpkins.
  • A picture of a scarecrow – or of your child in a scarecrow costume.
  • Paper bag scarecrows with the party information printed on paper, rolled up and placed inside.
If you are planning a scarecrow making event for your party, the invitation is a good place to indicate whether or not you are providing all of the supplies. If guests need to bring their own materials, include a list of items they will need to bring to the party.

2. Decorations

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Scarecrow party decorations can be made up of pretty much anything autumnal. Naturally, scarecrows, themselves make perfect decorations, whether you choose to make your own or pick a few up at places like craft stores, dollar stores or even the seasonal aisle of the supermarket. Such places usually have a choice of styles and sizes to suit the needs of your party space. In addition to scarecrows, some decorating ideas to consider are:
  • Autumn leaves: string silk garlands across the tops of doorways and windows, or scatter single leaves over tabletops. Cut the shapes of leaves from autumn-colored paper and hand them from the ceiling, or cut out large ones to serve as placemats.
  • Hay bales: stack a few for decorative purpose or use them for seating.
  • Plaid tablecloths and napkins.
  • Corn stalks.
  • Cereal box scarecrows.
  • Candy corn table confetti.
  • Pumpkins and gourds.

3. Food

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Scarecrows work hard to protect the crops so we can enjoy some harvest-inspired food at our party. Recipes that include corn, squash, pumpkin and apples are good choices for a scarecrow themed menu. Of course, you’ll want to choose foods that work for your party (and your guests’ palates), so no one will complain if you serve pizza as the main fare and save the scarecrows for snacks or dessert. Ideas for sweet scarecrow treats to serve include:
  • Scarecrow crunch.
  • Scarecrow cake.
  • Scarecrow cupcakes.
  • Scarecrow cookies.
  • Scarecrow sundaes: Top a scoop of ice cream with fruit leather, rope licorice or twisty pretzels as strands of hair. Place a wafer-style ice cream cone on top as the scarecrow's hat. Use cherries and chocolate candy bits to make the eyes, nose and mouth.

4. Activities

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Scarecrow making is a fun activity for this party theme, and if each child makes their own, these can also serve as the party favors. Another cute idea is to bring in some extra wardrobe pieces and accessories so guests can hold a scarecrow fashion show or scarecrow parade once their creations are finished.

More fun scarecrow party activities:

5. Favors

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
If party guests made their own scarecrows or scarecrow crafts, those items will certainly suffice as party favors. If you wish to send them home with a different favor, however, there are plenty of other options.

Some ideas for scarecrow party favors:
  • Scarecrow candy bars.
  • Scarecrow Lollipops .
  • Paper bag scarecrows, filled with loot, such as candy corn, miniature candy bars and autumn themed stickers and tattoos.
  • Raffia bracelets.
  • Straw hats.
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