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Halloween Craft: Witch's Broom


Halloween Party Craft: Witch's Broom
Halloween Craft: Witch's Broom
Image © Christine Gauvreau
Inspired by Martha Stewart's witch broom favors, this version of the craft has been adapted to suit younger children at a Halloween party.

While the stick version is more authentic, replacing the stick with a paper towel tube is a safer alternative for little kids who may play with them at a party. Replacing the stick with a paper towel tube also allows for the broomstick part of the craft to be painted, decorated and personalized, which is almost as cool and definitely fun for any guests at your Halloween or witch-themed party.

To make a witch's broom craft, you will need:
  • Two brown paper lunch bags.
  • One paper towel tube.
  • Paint.
  • Glitter (and your choice of decorative embellishments).
  • Scissors.
  • Twine or ribbon.
  • Candy or treat fillers (if using as favors).
  1. Paint the paper towel tube and let it dry.
  2. Add decorations of your choice. To personalize, write the child's name in glue and sprinkle with glitter. Then shake off any excess sparkles.
  3. Cut approximately three inches off of the tops of each bag.
  4. Cut slits vertically from the top of the first bag, stopping approximately 1/4" from the base of the bag.
  5. Cut shorter strips vertically from the top of the second bag, stopping after approximately three inches.
  6. Fill the second bag with treats.
  7. Place the second bag inside of the first bag.
  8. Insert the paper towel tube.
  9. Bunch together the frayed edges around the tube and tie with twine or ribbon.
  10. Add a loop of twine or ribbon to the top of the broomstick by taping it to the inside of the tube.
Have kids make these as a party activity or make them before the event to give as favors.
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