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How to Organize a School Halloween Carnival, Continued

More tips for hosting an after-hours Halloween party for students


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Want to celebrate Halloween at school, but don't want to interfere with academics during the day? Host a Halloween carnival at school during the evening, providing a safe and fun way for kids to celebrate the holiday.

Megan Cooley
Jack o' lanterns year after year.

The key to choosing Halloween crafts for a carnival is to select activities that aren't too messy, can be done without too much adult intervention and don't require a lot of drying time. Here are some crafts worth considering:

Carnival Food

It's likely that your carnival will be held in the evening, so plan to offer dinner to students and their families in the cafeteria.

The easiest route is to sell pizza, hot dogs and chips.

If you'd prefer to serve something healthier or home cooked, ask your school's administrators about the potluck policy in your district. If it's OK to offer homemade meals, have volunteers bring a dish to share. Many districts, however, require food to be prepared in commercial kitchens.

You should also sell beverages, such as water bottles, juice and soda.

The kids will likely get enough sugar from the candy they receive at the activity booths, but if you can't resist, you could offer cupcakes, too. Sell store-bought ones and then set up a booth where kids can make their own cupcake toppers to decorate them. They can make cupcake toppers that spell out words, like "Boo," or cut out pictures from magazines.

Clean Up Crew

It's vital that your plans include time for cleaning up the school after the carnival is over. Enlist students' help in this and remind them that the chances of having a Halloween carnival the following year likely depends on how good the school looks after this year's carnival is over.

School carnivals require a lot of time and energy to pull off, but the hard work will be worth it when you see how much fun the kids have on Halloween. Just as you have memories from celebrating Halloween as a kid, your children will think back on the holiday with fondness, too.

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