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Hanukkah, New Year's Eve and Christmas Recipes for Kids

Celebrate Winter Holidays With These Kid-Friendly Foods


Wondering what to serve at a kids' holiday party? Start here for some tasty treats and clever food presentations.

1. Paper Snowflake Cupcakes

Paper Snowflake, paper snowflakes, snowflakes, winter party, snow party, cupcake toppers, cupcakes
Megan Cooley

These winter-themed cupcake toppers couldn't be easier to make: cut paper snowflakes, glue them to popsicle sticks, insert into white-frosted cupcakes. Click the link for full instructions.

2. Christmas Tree Mini Pizzas

Christmas Recipes, kids, children, holidays, healthy, savory, pizza, cookie cutters, Christmas tree,
Megan Cooley
These crowd-pleasing mini pizzas are easy to make, healthy and delicious.

3. Jingle Bell Juice

Christmas Recipes, kids, children, juice, drink, food, jingle bell juice, raspberries, pink lemonade
Megan Cooley
Floating raspberries are the surprise ingredient in this kids' party punch.

4. Mashed-Potato Snowman

Christmas Recipes, kids, children, mashed potatoes, healthy, savory, snowman, kid-friendly, food
Megan Cooley
Kids will eat their vegetables when the vegetables are shaped like Frosty the Snowman.

5. Reindeer Snacks

Christmas Recipes, kids, children, reindeer food, healthy, savory, reindeer snacks, trail mix, cute
Megan Cooley
Tell you children this is what Santa feeds his reindeer. They'll eat it up.

6. Jack Frosty Mint Shake

Christmas Recipes, kids, children, shake, ice cream, drink, mint, Jack Frost, cute, kid-friendly
Megan Cooley
Who says ice cream is just for summertime? This mint shake will taste just right at a winter holiday party.

7. Candy Cane-Shaped Breadsticks

Christmas recipes for kids, breadsticks, children, snacks, appetizers, fun, easy, bread, quick
Megan Cooley
Kids will devour these cheesy, salty candy cane-shaped breadsticks.

8. Ginger-Molasses Heart Cookie Perched Atop a Mug of Milk

heart cookie, Valentines cookie, Valentine's Day, cookies, treats, kids, children, milk, cute, cleve
Megan Cooley
Surprise your kids with these acrobatic cookies as an after-school treat on Valentine's Day or follow the same steps with cookies that match a different holiday. No doubt Santa would get a kick out of seeing a ginger reindeer flying across a cup of cocoa on Christmas Eve!

9. Snowball Cake

Snow Cake, snowball cake, snowball cakes, snow cakes, coconut cake, coconut cakes, winter party
Megan Cooley

Hosting a sledding party or going with a winter theme for a birthday bash? Serve a spherical, coconut-covered snowball cake.

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