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A Winter Party Dessert Idea: Snowball Cake

Serve a spherical, coconut-covered cake at your next winter-themed party


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Throwing a winter party? Serve a coconut-covered cake shaped like a snowball.

Megan Cooley

Coconut-covered cakes are popular wintertime treats. How about making one shaped like a snowball for your kids' next winter wonderland party?

To make the snowball cake pictured here, I used one box of white cake mix, white frosting and a bag of shredded, sweetened coconut.

I also used Wilton's ball-shaped cake pan (compare prices), which worked perfectly to form the snowball shape.

Make one snowball or several, depending on how many guests you expect, and serve them on a white platter sprinkled with extra coconut.

If you're worried that some kids won't like the taste of coconut, serve cupcakes topped with paper snowflakes (and frosted with plain white frosting--sans coconut).

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