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Food and Drink for Kids' Parties

Wondering what foods and drinks to serve at kids' parties? Looking for cake ideas? This is where you'll find menu advice for birthdays, graduations, holidays and other children's celebrations.
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Frozen-Themed Party Food Idea: Olaf on the Beach Birthday Cake
Celebrate Frozen "In Summer" with this fun birthday cake featuring Olaf!

Disney's Frozen-Themed Party Food Ideas
Do You Want to Build a Snowman Sundae? How about a reindeer brownie? You can make these and more with this collection of ideas for Frozen-themed party foods!

How to Make Monster Cupcakes
Bake up some creature comforts (creature-themed comfort foods, that is) with these ideas for monster-themed cupcakes.

How to Make a Sandcastle Cake
What can be better than building a sandcastle at the beach? Eating a sandcastle cake at a beach party, of course!

Kids' Party Cakes
Readers share their kids' party cakes. See submissions

New Year's Eve Party Food: Coundtown Cake

Reindeer Party Food Ideas
Celebrate the season with these cute additions to your Christmas party menu.

How to Make a Finding Nemo cake
Simple instructions for turning a box of cake mix and a few sweet supplies into an edible version of Nemo.

How to Make a Scarecrow Cake

How to Make Campfire Cupcakes

Ideas for Kids Party: Butterfly Pretzels
Looking for ideas for kids party food? If you're throwing a butterfly party or Very Hungry Caterpillar bash, these yogurt-dipped pretzels make perfect mini butterflies on the snack table.

Party Recipes by Color
Looking for red food recipes, blue drink concoctions or purple snack ideas to fit a holiday or birthday theme? Your search is over. This list of recipes by color will help you plan a colorful kids party.

Camping Food: S'morepedoes
Looking for some sweet ideas for camping food or dessert for a camping themed birthday party? Make these twists on traditional s'mores: smores in an ice cream cone. These also make a great 4th of July dessert.

A Winter Party Dessert Idea: Snowball Cake
Serve a snowball-shaped, coconut-covered cake at a winter-themed party for kids.

Serve Paper Snowflake-Topped Cupcakes at a Snow Party
Throwing a snow party? Serve cupcakes topped with these budget-friendly, DIY paper snowflakes.

Alphabet Cupcake Toppers
Decorate a cake or cupcakes with any message you like using these alphabet and number cupcake toppers.

Tea Sandwiches for Kids' Parties
Throwing a princess party? Or a Mad Hatter tea party? Tea sandwiches make great snacks for a kids' parties because they're small, easy to eat and nutritious.

Guide Review: Wilton's Pan for Making Star Cookies
Looking for a patriotic dessert to serve kids on the 4th of July? Make star cookies using a special pan by Wilton cake pan company. By changing the frosting color or other decorations, the cookies could also be used for Christmas or a Star Wars birthday theme.

Book Review: Cakes for Kids, by Matthew Mead
Matthew Mead's book, Cakes for Kids, offers cute birthday cake ideas you can easily make yourself at home.

Ginger-Molasses Heart Cookies Perched Atop a Mug of Milk
Suprise the kids with this Valentine's Day treat: a heart cookie perched atop a mug of milk.

Holiday Recipes for Kids: Candy Cane-Shaped Breadsticks
Looking for Christmas recipes for kids? Make these breadsticks shaped like candy canes.

Book Review: Kitchen Playdates
A cookbook with ideas for entertaining with your kids.

Book Review: Everyday Celebrations by Donata Maggipinto
Everyday Celebrations by Donata Maggipinto is a book about simple celebrations you can enjoy with your family to honor the seasons.

Holiday Recipes for Kids: A 'Jack Frosty' Mint Shake
Who says ice cream is just for summertime? This Christmas recipe for a mint Jack Frosty shake is a perfect wintertime treat.

Holiday Recipes for Kids: Mini Pizzas
For a kids' holiday party, cater Christmas recipes to children such as with these mini Christmas tree pizzas.

Winter Holiday Party Recipes for Kids
Wondering what to serve at a kids' holiday party? Start here for some tasty treats and clever food presentations.

Holiday Recipes for Kids: Jingle-Bell Juice
Kids will love Christmas recipes that make food fun, like this "jingle bell juice."

Holiday Recipes for Kids: Reindeer Snacks
Kids will love Christmas recipes that make food fun, like this trail mix disguised as "reindeer snacks."

Winter Holiday Recipes for Kids: Mashed-Potato Snowman
Kids will love Christmas recipes that make food fun, like this snowman made from mashed potatoes

Beyond the Cake: Serving Food at a Kids Birthday Party
How to plan a menu for a kid's birthday party

Real Birthday Parties: A Little Red Riding Hood Theme
At this birthday party, guests ate fruit kebabs, mini sandwiches, chocolate-dipped pretzels and two cakes--one with Little Red Riding Hood on top, the other with the wolf.

Hello, Cupcake! Book Review
"Hello, Cupcake!" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson gives detailed instructions for making professional-looking cupcakes at home. Projects include owl, dog, shark, penguin, clown, Christmas and other holiday cupcakes.

Food Ideas for Kids' Parties
Trying to figure out a menu for a kid's birthday, holiday party or other celebration? Start here!

Birthday Cake Brag Book
Browse through these cakes made by About.com readers for their kids' birthday parties.

Estimating Food Quantities for a Party
How much pasta can one kid eat? How big does the cake need to be? This article will help you determine how much food and drink you'll need at a party.

Planning a Menu Around Food Allergies
Food allergies are a serious issue, especially when you're feeding kids who might not be as aware as adults of the ingredients in common foods. Read this important advice to avoid a dangerous situation.

4th of July Dessert: Red, White and Blue Jello
Looking for a kid-friendly 4th of July dessert? Make a Jello recipe, like this red, white and blue-striped treat.

Jelly Bean Cupcake Flowers
Cupcakes decorated with jelly beans as flower petals.

How to Make a Popcorn Box Cake
Make this fun and easy cake replica of a box of popcorn for your child's movie-themed birthday party.

How to Make a Sunflower Cake
Learn how to use chocolate chips and marshmallow chicks to turn an ordinary cake into a beautiful sunflower.

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies
Looking for a recipe for sugar cookies? These cream cheese cutouts turn out soft and sweet, not crisp and crumbly.

How to Make Red, White and Blue Cone Cakes
Serve these cute cupcakes in a cone, all dressed in patriotic colors for the 4th of July.

How to Make a Dragon Cake
Learn how to make a dragon cake that breathes real fire when the birthday candles are lit.

How to Make a Turkey Cake
Kids will gobble up this fun, Thanksgiving turkey cake!

How to Make a Snowman Cake
Brighten up a winter day or celebrate the season with this fun and friendly snowman cake.

How to Make Snowman Cupcakes
Bake up a batch of jolly with these snowman cupcakes for kids.

How to Make Reindeer Cupcakes
The only thing better than reindeer on the roof at Christmas is reindeer on the dessert table!

How to Build a Snowman Sundae
What could be better than a snowman made of snow? One made of ice cream, of course! Build a snowman sundae that's not just frosty, but also delicious!

Snowman Party Food Ideas
Fun ideas for bringing those snowmen inside -- to your dining table!

How to Make Sledding Snowman Treats
Fun favors or just for dessert, these sledding snowmen are an easy to make treat for a wintertime kids party!

How to Make a Butterfly Cake
This walk through will help you create a butterfly cake that is as pretty as it is delicious.

How to Make Easter Bunny Cupckaes
These bunny cupcakes will have kids hopping with delight!

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