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Ideas for Easter Gifts for Kids

Toys, fitness gear and other options for Easter Baskets


Wondering what to put in your kids' Easter baskets besides candy? Here are some ideas for Easter gifts that will keep the kids moving, thinking and playing.

Fifty Ways to Fill an Easter Basket

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Terri Mauro, About.com's Guide to Special Children, shares 50 small gifts you could put in Easter baskets since, as she puts it, "it doesn't have to be sweet to be a treat." Her list would be helpful to any parent, but it might be of special interest if you're managing your child's consumption of artificial colors, preservatives and sugar for medical reasons.

Great Easter Basket Ideas for Little Kids

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Amanda Rock, About.com's Guide to Parenting Preschoolers, suggests setting a theme for your child's Easter basket, then filling it with toys and trinkets that match. In past years, she's given her kids baskets with Arts and Crafts, Little Library, Beach Fun and Movie Night themes. Check out her ideas for what to use as "baskets" and what to put inside, then see some suggestions for Easter gifts her readers have submitted.

Eighteen Inexpensive and Active Toys for Kids' Easter Baskets

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These small-sized, high-impact gift ideas from Catherine Holecko, About.com's Guide to Family Fitness, make perfect presents from the Easter bunny. Best of all, they're cheap!

Easter Basket Toys for All Ages

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Kristen Ryan, About.com's Guide to Toys, compiled a list gifts she suggests for Easter baskets, including My Pillow Pets, which are stuffed animals that collapse to become pillows, and hand-painted, collectible Schleich animal figures that kids would surely treasure.

Easter Basket Gifts for Your Tween

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Your tweens might be too old for stuffed bunnies, but they haven't outgrown the concept of receiving a gift on Easter morning. Consider these ideas from Jennifer O'Donnell, About.com's Guide to Tweens, if you're stumped on what to put in their baskets.

What to Put in an Easter Basket Besides Candy

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Here's another chance for readers to share their own Easter basket ideas. Megan Cooley, About.com's Guide to Kids' Parties, gives a couple dozen options then asks you to submit suggestions.

10 Fun Kid Favorites to Put in an Easter Basket

Looking for some quick ways to fill a kid's Easter basket? Katherine Lee, About.com's Guide to Child Parenting, suggests Mad Libs, a set of playing cards and eight other inexpensive ideas.

Easter Basket Fillers

Carol Bainbridge, About.com's Guide to Gifted Kids, fleshes out five categories of Easter basket gifts, with suggestions under each one that would appeal to kids of all ages.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Movie tickets, fashion magazines, a water bottle, a journal, a coupon for a free hour off curfew ... Those are just a few of more than 100 Easter basket gift ideas for teens from Denise Witmer, About.com's Guide to Parenting Teens.

Easter Books for Kids

Elizabeth Kennedy, About.com's Guide to Children's Books, shares her 10 favorite Easter books for kids up to 10 years old. And if you have young children, don't miss her list of Easter board books for toddlers and preschoolers.  

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