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How to Make a Paper Napkin Ring for Easter or Other Occasions


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How to Make Napkin Rings for Easter or Other Occasions
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Want to add a personal touch to your Easter table decorations? Make these charming napkin rings.

Megan Cooley

Want to add a charming touch to your Easter table? Make your own napkin ring for every place setting.

Depending on the look you want, you can cut the shape from old music sheets, pretty scrapbook paper, vintage wall paper or a non-fraying fabric like wool felt.

The first step is to print out our Easter outlines to make templates you will trace. Printing onto cardstock works best, but regular printer paper works fine, too.

Instead of printing our outlines, you could also trace shapes from cookie cutters or design your own templates.

Once you have printed or trace the outlines, cut them out. Now use those images to trace the shapes onto the decorative paper or fabric you want to use. Use pencil so your marks can be erase or trace onto the "wrong" side of the paper so you won't see the tracing lines when you're done.

Cut out as many shapes as you will need--one for every napkin ring.

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