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Handmade Easter Gifts

Homemade presents you could create for kids


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Looking for handmade Easter gifts for kids? Sew a simple Easter bunny.

Megan Cooley

If you plan early enough, you can add some personal touches to your kids' Easter celebrations.

Take a look at these adorable handmade Easter projects you could use as basket fillers or party favors.

  • Easter bunny bows from The Tip Junkie. Just add a hair clip and you have yourself an Easter barrette.
  • Speaking of barrettes, I've always loved this tutorial for making felt rose barrettes from The Purl Bee in New York. I'd use a pastel pink-, yellow- or blue-colored felt for Easter.
  • Also from the Purl Bee: charming bunny finger puppets.
  • I can't resist including just one more from the Purl Bee: old-fashioned muslin bunnies. Note to self: must move to NYC so I can get my Purl Bee fix in person.
  • I think these honey bunny bookmarks from Martha Stewart are downright hilarious--and super easy to make!
  • Martha also has a good tutorial for making a bunny-ear headband.
  • Meet Me at Mike's has a roundup of Easter craft tutorials, my favorite of which are these fabric eggs from Retro Mama. Sure, plastic eggs are cheap and easy enough to grab at the store, but they aren't nearly as special as a batch of fabric eggs that you could use year after year.
  • Here's a great idea for an edible Easter basket gift: crispy rice cereal carrots from Gather and Nest.
  • Along those lines, don't forget about the crepe-paper carrots that unravel to reveal hidden treasures I blogged about recently.
  • Follow the free tutorial from Wonderwoman Creations to make a floppy-eared bunny purse.
  • Here are some stuffed bunnies I made for my oldest daughter's birthday party one year (pictured above, too). They'd make great Easter gifts (especially the chocolate bunny). The free tutorial for those is at Wee Wonderfuls.
  • When it comes time to put a gift tag on your handmade Easter present, make one from seed paper following the instructions from About.com's Guide to Rubber Stamping. Plant the gift tags in soil, and by the end of spring your child will have a small flower patch to enjoy.

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