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DIY Birthday Parties: Make Your Own Invitations and Decorations

Personalize a party and save money with these handmade tips


Looking for ways to cut costs and add personality to your child's birthday party? Make your own invitations and decorations.

Thank You Cards Kids Can Make Themselves

Handmade Thank You Notes, kids Thank You Cards, Thank you notes from kids, children thank you cards
Megan Cooley

Start good habits at an early age with these ideas for thank you notes your children can make themselves.

DIY Fabric-Covered Party Hats

Party Hats, make party hats, do it yourself, handmade, birthday, kids, children, how to make, fabric
Megan Cooley

Make the party hats for your child's next party truly unique by following the instructions for these fabric-covered hats that are sturdy enough to last for many birthdays to come. 

Printable Party Hats

printable party hats, party hats, free printables, Valentine's Day, holidays, print at home, budget,
Rain Blanken

About.com's Guide to DIY Fashion created several free party hat designs you can print at home, saving you money on party supplies.

Recipes and Printable Labels for a DIY Spa Party

Throw a posh spa party for a tween or teen using these free recipes and labels for lotions, scrubs and other do-it-yourself skin-care products.

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers, Pom-Poms and Garland

Paper Flowers, Tissue Paper Flowers, how to make, paper flower, paper tissue flower, tutorial, diy
Megan Cooley

These bold, colorful flowers and pom-poms pack a lot of punch at a party and are inexpensive to make.

Free Printable Flower Card for Spring and Summer Invitations

Flower Card, summer card, birthdays, party invitations, free printables, summertime birthday theme
Photo courtesy of Lil' Magoolie.

This free printable flower card would make a great spring or summer birthday invitation, thank you card, Mother's Day card or May Day note.

Recycled Cards and Party Decorations

Create party invitations and decorations from junk mail, old magazines, envelope liners and other garbage and submit your own ideas for turning trash into party treasures.

How to Make a Scanned Fabric Collage Invitation for a Birthday Party

diy, tutorial, invitations, kids, parties, birthdays, children, how to, fabric, collage, scan, compu
Megan Cooley
Some fabric scraps, a computer and a printer are all you need to make a unique invitation that fits your child's birthday theme.

Blank Party Printables

Looking for templates to make your own invitations and other party supplies? Start here.

Make Your Own Cupcake Toppers

cupcake toppers, DIY, make your own, do it yourself, vintage, cake, Valentine's Day, birthdays, kids
Megan Cooley
Want to decorate your own cupcakes but skip the frosting mess? Use paper cupcake toppers instead. You can make them from almost anything, including photos of your child, vintage greeting cards, magazine clippings, extra party invitations and images found online.
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