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How to Make Cupcake Wrappers to Dress Up Your Dessert Table at a Kid's Party


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Want to give cupcakes a unique look but don't know much about cake decorating? Adorn them with DIY paper cupcake wrappers that fit your party's theme, whether you're celebrating a kid's birthday or a holiday like Valentine's Day.

Megan Cooley

You knew the cupcake trend was hot once the sweet little treats started to get their own accessories.

Cupcake stands (compare prices). Cupcake toppers. Designer baking cups. And now, cupcake wrappers (compare prices).

Cupcake wrappers can cost a pretty penny, though. Save some dough by making your own at home using this cupcake wrapper template and paper--maybe even the newspaper comics?--that fits your party's theme.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Print the cupcake wrapper template at its full size (preferably onto a sturdy paper like cardstock, but normal printing paper will work OK). Cut it out along the solid lines. The dashed lines indicate where you will need to cut a slit on your finished wrapper. The slit is optional. If you prefer, you can use Scotch tape to hold the wrapper together.
  2. Trace the template on the wrong side of the paper you'd like to use for the cupcake wrappers. Trace as many as you will need and then cut them out.
  3. Wrap the cupcake wrapper around a baked, frosted cupcake and attach its lose ends either by interlocking the tabs where you've cut the slits or affixing a small piece of Scotch tape.
  4. Display the cupcakes on a platter or cake stand.


  1. Only your imagination can limit the types of paper you could use for cupcake wrappers. Throwing a superhero-themed birthday party? Use the pages of old comic books. Making the cupcakes for a Christmas party? Use last year's wrapping paper. For a birthday party with any theme, how about having the birthday kid decorate the wrappers herself? For a graduation party, ask family and friends to write personal messages or advice to the graduate on the cupcake wrappers.

What You Need

  • Free cupcake wrapper template
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen
  • Optional: Scotch tape
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