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Reindeer Party Theme


Gather the kids for a winter holiday party theme that celebrates the most magical of creatures: the reindeer. This reindeer party theme features Santa’s four-legged friends in every element from the invitations to the party favors. There are even reindeer games, and at this party, everyone gets to join in the fun.


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For a reindeer-themed holiday party, you could send some cute, homamde Rudolph ornaments as the invitations. An ornament style invitation is not only easy to make, it's an exciting way to invite the kids who get to keep these pre-party favors to hang on their trees as a reminder of the upcoming event.

Additional ideas for Reindeer party invitations:
  • Reindeer coloring pages.
  • Antler headbands, delivered along with a note inviting guests to wear them to the party.
  • Cardstock or construction paper, cut into the shape of a reindeer.
  • A postcard photo of your child dressed in a reindeer costume.


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If you make reindeer ornaments as invitations, you can also make several extra to hang around your party space. These can be used to enhance an area that is already decorated for the winter holiday season. Additional reindeer accents to incorporate into your decor include:
  • Bring a couple of lighted, animated lawn decoration reindeer into your party space.
  • Paper reindeer garland.
  • Reindeer table settings: Purchase paper goods with a reindeer design from a party supply store, or use rubber stamps to add a reindeer design to a solid-colored tablecloth. You can also use reindeer napkin rings to adorn each table setting.
  • A reindeer pinata can serve as a centerpiece until it's time to play the game at the end of the party.
  • Red-nosed wreath deer.
  • Spray snow, dotted with reindeer hoof prints. Add this to tabletops, or make hoof prints in the snow outside to mark the path to the party’s entrance.


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Some fun reindeer party food ideas include items such as sandwiches, cheese wedges and brownies, cut into the shape of a reindeer and adorned with candy faces and antlers. More suggestions for reindeer party food:

Games and Crafts

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One thing kids love to do is imitate their favorite animals. Give them each a pair of antlers, or make ride-on reindeer using this easy idea for stick horses (simply add antlers to the heads). On these reindeer, guests of your party can pretend to prance through the sky. You can even use them to have reindeer relay races or play a variety of reindeer themed games.

Additional suggestions for reindeer party activities:


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Any crafts made at the party, along with items such as antler headbands or stick-horse reindeer are perfect items to take home as a parting gift.

More suggestions for Reindeer Party Favors:
  • Plush reindeer dolls.
  • Reindeer coloring books.
  • Reindeer candy bars.
  • Candy Cane Reindeer.
  • Reindeer pots that are filled with treats.
  • Reindeer feed bags filled with reindeer trail mix.
  • A photo of each party guest wearing his antlers.
  • Jingle bells, or jingle bell bracelets or necklaces.
  • Reindeer-themed movies, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Prancer.

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