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Reindeer Party Ideas

Reindeer-Themed Fun for Kids


You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen? Well, here are some ideas for celebrating them, along with all of Santa’s other reindeer -- yes, including Rudolph! Whether you want to throw a party with a complete reindeer theme or simply feature Rudolph and his friends in a craft, treat or party game, these ideas provide a variety of ways to incorporate our sleigh-pulling pals into any occasion.

How to Throw a Reindeer-Themed Party

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When it comes to kids and party ideas, it’s usually a safe bet that an animal theme will be a hit. So what better creature to feature during a holiday gathering than the ones that deliver joy on Christmas Eve? This guide to a kids’ party with a reindeer theme provides tips and ideas for how to bring their favorite holiday creature into every aspect of your celebration. From magic reindeer food to homemade reindeer ornaments, get tips for fun and festive crafts, food, decorations, activities and favors.
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Reindeer Party Games

Once all of the other reindeer finally let Rudolph join in their reindeer games, the good times just kept multiplying. These creative ideas for kids party games with a reindeer theme are perfect for any occasion from a holiday party to entertaining kids in a classroom setting.
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Reindeer Ornament Invitations

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Learn how to transform a paper plate into a cute reindeer ornament. These cute creatures can be used as Christmas party invitations, strung together to form a decorative garland, made as a classroom winter holiday craft or simply hung on the tree with all of your other ornaments. The best part is that you probably already have everything you need to make one in your house right now.
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Reindeer Food

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These cute ideas for reindeer foods are sure to be a hit with kids at your reindeer-themed party. But you don’t need to have a holiday party to create these cute, edible creatures. Pack them in your children’s lunch boxes during the holiday season or serve them as a treat at home.

Reindeer Crafts

Need a reindeer craft idea? This collection of reindeer projects for kids from Family Crafts guide, Sherri Osborn, shows us how to make reindeer out of everything from candy canes, to light bulbs to toilet paper tubes.
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Magic Reindeer Food

One of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions is making magic reindeer food. A simple mix of ingredients such as oats, oatmeal or a variety of cereals combined with glitter or sugar crystals is all you need to make your own batch of reindeer food. But this magic food isn’t for the kids to eat; it’s for the reindeer to enjoy as they wait outside while Santa Claus delivers his gifts on Christmas Eve. Sprinkle it on your lawn before bedtime and the shiny glitter will help the reindeer spot your home with ease.
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Reindeer Snacks

Get this recipe for a healthy trail mix. Make a batch, wrap it in individual portions and label them as “reindeer snacks” or “reindeer feed.” Personalize them and send to school as gifts for your child’s classmates (check first for nut allergies) or hand them out as party favors at your holiday gathering.
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