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Christmas Parties and Other Holiday Celebrations for Kids

Recipes, games and other ideas for a holiday bash the children will love


There are plenty of reasons why they say winter is the most magical time of year for kids. From Santa Claus to ringing in a new year, what's not to love?

But when you're planning Christmas parties or other holiday celebrations for children, you might feel overwhelmed. Should it be a gingerbread house-making party or a cookie exchange? What kid-friendly foods have a holiday theme? Are there holiday-themed games for children to play?

These articles will help answer those questions and more. For other holiday ideas, please check out the creative tips and useful resources in our About Family Holiday Survival Guide.

1. Holiday Party Games for Kids

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About.com's Guide to Family Fitness describes fun, active, holiday-themed games your kids can play at a Christmas, Hanukkah or other winter party.

2. Christmas Party Themes

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Not sure where to begin when planning a Christmas party? Choosing a theme, such as gingerbread making, cookie exchange or charity work, will help narrow your focus.

3. Holiday Recipes for Kids

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Baby, it's cold outside, but children will warm up to these kid-friendly culinary Christmas creations. From breadsticks shaped like candy canes to "Jack Frosty" mint shakes, you'll find enough here to build a whole holiday menu.

4. New Year's Parties and College Kid Reunions

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Winter break doubles as a mini reunion for college-age kids. Get the gang back together again for a New Year's Day brunch, holiday open house or other gathering following these tips from About.com's Guide to Young Adults.

5. How to Plan a Kids' Christmas Party

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About.com's Guide to Child Parenting offers ideas for Christmas-themed games, snacks, crafts and more for a festive holiday party.

6. Easy Potluck Recipes

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On your way to a holiday potluck but don't have time to make an elaborate dish? About.com's Guide to Working Moms offers recipes that please a crowd of kids and can be cooked quickly. 

7. Five Fun Christmas Games for Kids

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You've created the menu, frosted the cookies, decorated the tree and wrapped the party favors. But what in the world will the kids actually do during your holiday party? These clever Christmas-themed games from About.com's Guide to Working Moms answer that question.

8. Before You Throw a Holiday Party

In the excitement of hosting a holiday party, you might forget your own children's emotional needs. About.com's Guide to Special Children shares invaluable tips (such as asking your child to be "in charge" of younger kids and allowing your child to hide certain toys) to avoid tantrums, meltdowns and unnecessary stress for little ones.

9. New Year's Eve Party Planner for Teens

New Year's Eve can be a fun, but dangerous night for teens. About.com's Guide to Parenting Teens offers a guide to throwing an end-of-the-year bash that's safe and memorable.

10. Decorations for a Holiday Party

Christmas Party Decoration, Christmas party decoration ideas, pinecone crafts, pinecones
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You might think that kids fail to notice how a party space looks, but Christmas party decorations can put children in the holiday spirit. Making the extra effort to create a scene will be worth it, even if Junior and his friends don’t explicitly say, “Lovely party decorations, Mrs. Smith.”

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