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Spring Activities for Kids

How to celebrate the vernal equinox with children


Want to get your kids interested in the passing of seasons? Celebrate the vernal equinox with these spring activities for kids. 

1. DIY Tissue Paper Flowers, Pompoms and Garland

Paper Flowers, Tissue Paper Flowers, how to make, paper flower, paper tissue flower, tutorial, diy
Megan Cooley

"Grow" your own flowers ... out of tissue paper! These big, bold flowers make great party decorations and are a fun craft activity to get children excited for spring.

2. Printable Flower Card

Flower Card, summer card, birthdays, party invitations, free printables, summertime birthday theme
Photo courtesy of Lil' Magoolie.

Print out this flower-shaped card from the blog Lil' Magoolie and use it for crafts, party invitations or decorations.

3. Can You Balance an Egg on the First Day of Spring?

Does this old myth stand true? Test it out with your kids, then read this article about the facts behind the lore.

4. Spring Crafts to Make with Kids

Choose from dozens of craft activities that usher in spring.

5. Celebrating the Spring Equinox in Mexico

Learn about how the first day of spring is celebrated in Mexico.

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