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Groundhog Day Party Ideas


Summon the kids to your own personal Punxsutawney-inspired party for a Groundhog Day celebration. Whether or not he sees his shadow the prediction for this party is the same: furry-friended fun for everyone on the guest list!


Image © Christine Gauvreau
Invite the kids to come celebrate Groundhog Day with invitations made from brown cardstock paper that has been cut into the shape of a groundhog. Decorate by drawing the groundhog’s face on the front side with markers and crayons (or use googly eyes and craft supplies). Write the party invitation details on the other side. Place the invitation in the envelope so that the front of the groundhog faces the back of the envelope. When guests lift the flap, the groundhog will be peeking out at them just like he does from his hole in the ground.


Decorate for your groundhog party with a color scheme of brown (the color of the groundhog), green (the green grass of spring) and white (the snow of winter). Balloons, streamers and disposable tableware in these colors are enough on their own to decorate a groundhog party space. If you’d like to add more to the decor, however, choose a combination of groundhog items and decorations that reflect both winter and spring. Some suggestions include:
  • Winter/Spring party garlands: Make several paper cutouts of snowflakes and suns. String them together in an alternating pattern along a length of ribbon.
  • Decorate one side of the room as winter and the other as spring. Set up a party table on each side and let kids sit on the side they think the groundhog will predict.
  • Hang cut out groundhogs around the party space.
  • Paint a small cardboard box green to represent grass. Open the flaps and paint them brown. Fill with brown, crumpled tissue paper to represent dirt. Stick a plush or paper cutout groundhog in the middle of the tissue paper, to look like he is popping out of the box. Use as a centerpiece or make several and scatter around the room.


Image © Christine Gauvreau
Groundhog Day is the perfect excuse to get kids to eat more veggies. Since groundhogs are known for raiding gardens, set up a food table to look like a garden patch. Line the table with artificial turf and place small picket fencing (cut out of cardstock) around the edges. Place platters of veggies and dip, and green salad inside of the “garden.” For kids who just won’t eat veggies straight up, try dishes like pasta primavera, stuffed peppers or vegetable-topped pizza.

For dessert, make groundhog cupcakes by decorating a cookie to look like a groundhog and sticking it into the center of a chocolate frosted cupcake. Sprinkle chocolate powder “dirt” around the groundhog. Another easy idea is to make groundhog donuts by placing a groundhog cookie into the hole of a chocolate donut.


Image © Christine Gauvreau
Entertain young guests with a variety of party activities that are both fun and educational:


Image: Clipart.com
Suggestions for groundhog party favors:
  • A bag of groundhog food, such as peanuts (check for allergies) or trail mix.
  • Inner circle top hats and bow ties.
  • Plush groundhogs.
  • Groundhog masks.
  • Groundhog storybooks.
  • Seed packets for spring, wrapped in wintery snowflake paper.
  • Weather maps for kids.
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