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How to Celebrate Easter for Kids, Continued

Host a brunch that's fun for children, with games, crafts, an egg hunt and more


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Make a brunch table look festive with colored Easter eggs and other spring or religious decorations.

Megan Cooley
  • Before the egg hunt begins, assemble the children together and lay out the ground rules. Instruct them not to push or shove each other or take eggs from each other's baskets. Breaking the rules should disqualify a child from the egg hunt.
  • Egg hunts are plenty of fun when they're not a contest. Why make a child feel badly for not collecting as many eggs as their cousin? But, if you'd like to add an element of competition, tell the kids that the person who finds the most eggs wins. You might have a prize waiting for the first, second and third place finishers.
  • Set a time limit for the hunt. Ten minutes should be enough.
  • Once everyone is ready and holding their basket, announce "on your mark, get set, go!" and watch as the kids scramble for the eggs. An adult should accompany young children who might not understand how the game is played.
  • If one of the older kids is collecting a lot of eggs, consider suggesting to them that they drop a few in the younger kids' baskets. The little ones will get a thrill out of seeing their egg collection grow and the older kids will feel good knowing they helped.
  • Announce when the time is up and bring everyone back to the starting point. If you're concerned about leaving eggs out to rot, do a count beforehand and after to make sure all the eggs were collected. That's especially important if you're hosting an indoor egg hunt.
  • Give the children time to count and admire their eggs. Distribute prizes if your egg hunt is competitive.

Other Easter Party Activities

Looking for other Easter party games or activities?

  • Have the kids do the bunny hop.
  • Set up a craft table, where they can color Easter pictures, make chicks hatching out of eggs, make rabbit ears headbands, make Easter lilies from handprints, make a cross craft using ready-made crosses (compare prices) or a cross necklace. When deciding which crafts to set out, remember that the kids will likely be wearing their best Sunday clothes, so save the paint for another party.
  • Play Jesus Bingo.
  • Challenge the kids to a Peeps contest, where they're each given a package of marshmallow Peeps and some craft supplies and they must come up with the most clever Peeps creation, whether it's a diorama, a Peeps sculpture or something else.
  • Hold an egg-and-spoon race, where kids must carry a raw egg on a spoon across a certain distance without dropping the egg.
  • Read the children an Easter book. Elizabeth Kennedy, About.com's Guide to Children's Books, recommends 10 favorite Easter books. I really like The Bunny Who Found Easter, by Charlotte Zolotow (compare prices). The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams, isn't necessarily an Easter book, but it's partly set during springtime and it teaches a nice lesson about love and friendship. (compare prices)
  • Attend an Easter parade, if there's one in your community.

So, hop to it (I couldn't resist)! Start planning your Easter party now. The big bunny will be here before you know it.

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