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Planning Holiday Parties and Other Annual Celebrations for Children

From Christmas to Valentine's Day and from the Super Bowl to the Fourth of July, this is the place to find ideas for planning a holiday party or other annual celebration for children.
  1. 4th of July (13)
  2. April Fool's Day (2)
  3. Back to School (8)
  4. Christmas (33)
  5. Cinco de Mayo (5)
  6. Earth Day (2)
  7. Easter (20)
  8. El Dia de los Muertos (2)
  9. Father's Day (5)
  10. Halloween (38)
  11. Hanukkah (3)
  12. Kwanzaa (3)
  13. Memorial Day (2)
  14. Mother's Day (9)
  15. New Year's Eve (11)
  16. Passover (2)
  17. Ramadan (1)
  18. St. Patrick's Day (8)
  19. Super Bowl (6)
  20. Thanksgiving (14)
  21. Valentine's Day (21)
  22. Veteran's Day (1)

Groundhog Day Party Ideas
Ideas for throwing a Groundhog Day party for kids.

Top Fall Party Ideas
Celebrate the season with these ideas for autumn party themes, fall foods, crafts, games and decorations for kids.

Top Spring Party Themes
A selection of springtime kids' party themes that can be hosted outdoors.

Christmas Parties and Other Holiday Celebrations for Kids

Overwhelmed by the task of organizing a holiday party for kids? These articles on hosting Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve and other winter parties will provide the guidance you need.

Jelly Bean Party Theme
How to throw a jelly bean party, including ideas for using jelly beans for the invitations, decorations, games and crafts.

Spring Activities for Kids
Want to get your kids interested in the passing of seasons? Celebrate the vernal equinox with these spring activities for kids.

Summer Solstice

<p>Children are naturally curious about the changing of seasons. Why not celebrate the summer solstice with a party designed for kids? These ideas will help you make the longest day of the year a fun one for the family.</p>

Family Reunion Planning Ideas

Start here if you're looking for family reunion planning ideas. You'll find links to games the kids can play, menus that are perfect for a crowd and activities that celebrate your clan.

Holiday Fall Fun

<p>Looking for some holiday fall fun? Celebrate the autumn equinox with kids.</p><p>These ideas for foods to eat, decorations to make and parties to throw will help them enjoy and understand the passing of seasons.</p>

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Throwing a kids Halloween party this year? These ideas for Halloween recipes, decorations, party themes and more will make the holiday fun for the whole family.

Celebrate Winter Solstice with Kids

Children are often fascinated by the passing of seasons. Why not help them better understand and celebrate them with a winter solstice party?

These ideas for recipes, crafts and decorations will help you plan a fun get together for kids.

Celebrating Holidays with Kids
If you're looking for ways to celebrate the holidays with kids, look no further. These articles with help you plan Christmas, Hanukkah, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holiday parties that children will enjoy.

Fun Ways to Learn About Labor Day
Labor Day isn’t only about soaking up those last rays of summer sunshine. If you want to teach the kids about what Labor Day means, toss a couple of fun, learning activities into the mix at your holiday celebration.

End of Summer Party Ideas
Say farewell to summer with a party theme that highlights some of their favorite sunny weather activities.

Throw a Kentucky Derby Party for Kids
The bets are in and we predict fun and excitement to reign at this Kentucky Derby party for kids.

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