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Ice Skating Birthday Party Ideas


Embrace your child’s wintertime birthday with a party that features a favorite frosty weather activity: ice skating! Even if your guests aren’t experienced skaters, an ice skating party can provide a fun opportunity to learn the basics.


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If you are going with a Birthday on Ice theme, one fun way to invite guests is with a ticket-style invitation. You can customize and print a ticket invitation using a free template. Other ideas for ice-skating party invitations include:
  • A cardstock cut out in the shape of an ice skate. Have the birthday child decorate one side of the skate with colored markers, glitter and stickers. Write the party details on the other side.
  • A postcard invitation portraying your child wearing ice skates, or ice skaters on the rink in the photo section.
  • A paper printout from your home computer that features ice-skating themed clipart in the design.


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A public ice skating rink will probably have a birthday party package available for your occasion. If not, you can inquire about renting the facility for a private party, or acquiring a group rate for your skating session. An arena that offers birthday packages may have private room set up where you can serve food, have the birthday cake and open gifts.

Other places to have an ice skating party include the park (check about permits from the parks department), or your own backyard if you’re lucky enough to have a lake on the property.

Another fun idea for a Birthday on Ice celebration is to take a couple of your child’s friends to an actual ice skating show, and then head to the public rink for a skating session where guests cans show off some of their own moves after the performance. You can even invite kids to come dressed in tutus and leotards!


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Whether you have the party at a rink that incudes food as part of the package or host the party yourself, some ideas for ice-skating party food to serve are:


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Ice skating is the obvious main event at the skating themed party. At an arena, you can arrange for an instructor to give a lesson to your guests, or simply spend the time freestyle skating. If you’re looking to have some organized games in the ice-skating theme, however, some ideas include:
  • Play freeze skate: Kids skate around the rink to music, but must stop skating and freeze in place whenever the music stops.
  • Ice skating relay races: Divide guests into two teams and have them race on skates to a designated finish line and back.
  • When the kids change from their shoes to their skates, place all of their shoes in a pile. When it is time to retrieve their shoes, blindfold them and see who can pick out their own shoes from the pile.
  • Make ice skating pins.


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If the kids make ice skate pins at the party, they can take them home as their party favors. Other ice-skating favor ideas include:
  • Icicle treat cones: Dip a sugar cone in melted white chocolate. Fill with white chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Wrap in cellophane and add a tag that reads “Thank you for skating with me!”
  • A thermos.
  • A pair of mittens.
  • A program (if you attend an ice skating show).
  • A pair of ice skate laces.
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