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How to Throw a Penguin-Themed Party


Looking for a fun, winter party theme? How about a penguin party? This black and white, arctic bird is a favorite of kids of all ages.


Image © Christine Gauvreau
A photo of your child dressed in a penguin hat or costume makes a cute, postcard style invitation.

Another fun idea for a penguin party invitation is to send a penguin coloring page along with one black and one white crayon. Ask guests to color in the pictures and bring them to the party in exchange for a small door prize. When guests arrive, display their penguins by hanging them on a wall.

You can write the party details on the back of the postcard photos or coloring pages. Add a note that asks guests to come dressed in black and white.


Image © Christine Gauvreau
A black and white color scheme provides an easy foundation for your penguin party decorating. You can use black and white balloons to fill the party space, and set the party table with black paper goods atop a white tablecloth.

More ideas for penguin party decor:
  • Snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.
  • Penguin-shaped, rubber stamp art on a white tablecloth.
  • Cardboard boxes wrapped in white paper and stacked like ice blocks in the corners, or flanking the entrance to the party.
  • Tie bunches of black and white balloons to plush penguins.

Games and Activities

Entertain guests with a collection of penguin-themed party games. In addition to games, kids can also enjoy some fun penguin activities
  • Penguin crafts
  • Hang a blackboard in the party space. Provide guests with white chalk and penguin cookie-cutters to use as stencils to draw their own winter scenes.
  • Paper bag penguin craft.
  • Paper heart penguin craft.
  • An igloo drawn and cut out of white poster board. Cut out a crawlspace at the bottom and set in front of a table draped with a white tablecloth. Kids can scurry through the crawlspace into their little igloo hideaway.
  • A penguin pinata.
  • Watch a penguin movie, such as Mr. Popper’s Penguins or Happy Feet.


Image courtesy of Photos.com
One fun idea for this party theme is to serve a platter of penguin sandwiches. Simply spread some cream cheese on pumpernickel bread, and top with olives for the eyes and a thin carrot strip beak.

Along with the penguin sandwiches, you can serve items such as penguin cupcakes and a variety of black and white food. Suggestions include:
  • Cookies and cream milkshakes.
  • Black and white cookies.
  • White cheese pizza, topped with olives.
  • Marshmallows dipped in chocolate.
  • White corn chips and black bean dip.
  • Pasta tossed with olives.
  • Penguin cake pops.
  • Penguin cake.


Image © Christine Gauvreau
Penguin cupcakes, cookies or any black and white treat can be wrapped in cellophane and tied with black and white ribbon to create easy penguin-themed party favors.

More penguin party favor ideas:
  • Plush penguins.
  • Penguin masks.
  • Penguin movie DVDs.
  • Black and white balloons.
  • Penguin coloring books.
  • Sheets of black construction and white crayons, rolled and tied with black and white ribbon.
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