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Flower Themed Party Ideas


Want to throw a beautiful party? A flower themed party can be fun, frilly and visually stunning. The amount of frills is up to you, but most flower themed parties can be executed with little more than some craft supplies you probably already have and a flower shaped cookie cutter. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, first communion or springtime holiday, a flower theme is perfect for a backyard that is already in bloom. Spring, however, isn’t the only season to celebrate with a flower party. A combination of artificial flowers and seasonal blooms make the flower party an option for any time of year.

1. Invitations

You can use store bought flower themed invitations or easily create your own. One idea to create a simple flower party invitation is to use a flower shaped cookie cutter as a template to trace and cut flower shapes out of colored card stock. Draw in the details and decorate the flower with a variety of embellishments such as colored markers, glitter, rubber stamps and ribbon. Write the party details on the back and send it off in an envelope you’ve decorated in matching floral accents.

Additional options for flower themed party invitations:
  • Have your child draw and color flowers onto blank notecards.
  • Use a rubber stamp to decorate ordinary invitations with a floral design.
  • Print the party details on large mailing labels. Stick them to the backs of flower seed packets.

2. Decorations

Image courtesy of Christine Gauvreau
You can purchase several floral decorations from the craft store, party supply store or even the dollar store. Homemade decorations are also an option, many of which are easy enough to create, such as these tissue paper flowers.

Additional Decorating Ideas
  • A flower-shaped rubber stamp or even a flower cookie cutter dipped in paint is all you need to add a floral pattern to a tablecloth, party banner or a carpet runner for the party’s entrance.
  • Drape flower garlands over archways and the backs of chairs.
  • Plant lollipop flowers into a foam block placed inside of a large flower pot and set as the table’s centerpiece. Another option for lollipop flowers is to label them with the names of your guests and use them as place cards, either by laying one on each plate or planting them in miniature flower pots and setting them just above each place setting.

3. Games and Activities

Image courtesy of Clipart.com
Keep the floral theme going through a variety of games and activities. Suggestions for flower-themed party games include:
  • Musical flowers (cut out large flower shapes and place in a row on floor. Use these as the seats to play musical chairs. Play a flower themed song such as Ring Around the Rosie as the music for this game.
  • Play “Diana likes Daisies.” In this game, the players sit in a circle. The first player states her first name and a flower she likes that begins with the same letter as her name. The next player does the same and also repeats the name and flower chosen by the first player. For instance, if player one says “My name is Diana and I like daisies,” player two will say “My name is Lisa and I like lilies and she is Diana who likes daisies.” Play continues around the circle and anyone who forgets a name or flower is out. Keep a list of flower names on hand for players who may have trouble thinking of ones that match their names.
  • Have a watering can relay race where players must use a watering can to fill a large bucket with water. If playing this game indoors, use confetti instead of water to save floors and carpets from inevitable spills.
  • Paint flower pots or watering cans.
  • Make Flower Bracelet Balloon Animals.
  • String head bands using silk flower petals.
  • Make flower-shaped sugar cookies and have kids decorate them with icing, sprinkles and a variety of small candy pieces.

4. Food

Image courtesy of Clipart.com
That flower shaped cookie cutter isn’t off duty yet. Put it to work creating some of your flower party menu items. Ideas include:
  • Flower shaped sandwiches.
  • Flower shaped quesadillas.
  • Flower shaped pizza muffins (cut the shapes before topping with sauce and cheese).
  • Flower shaped cookies.
  • Flower shaped brownies.
  • Flower shaped cereal treats.
  • Flower cupcakes or a flower themed cake.
  • Serve food such as chips, pretzels or pasta from flower pots and pour drinks from watering cans.

5. Favors

Image courtesy of Photos.com
Party crafts like the painted flower pots or floral beaded jewelry made at the party can also double as the party favors. Additional suggestions for take home gifts:
  • Lollipop flowers
  • Flower pot and flower seed packets
  • Miniature watering cans
  • A box of flower shaped cookies
  • A bouquet of fresh flowers
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