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Finding Nemo Party Theme


Fans of Disney Pixar films, Finding Nemo and Finding Nemo 3D can celebrate their favorite fish with these ideas for a Finding Nemo party theme.

1. Invitations

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Check out party supply or card stores for Finding Nemo invitations that are ready to fill out and send. Another option is to make cute Nemo cut out invitations using this template and instructions from DisneyFamily.com.

Feeling more creative yet still want something easy? Kids will recall the moment Nemo was scooped from the ocean with Nemo-in-a-bag invitations. Use the template cutouts of Nemo or make your own little Nemos to use in these whimsical invites.

2. Decorations

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
To make the decorating part of the party as easy as possible, you can choose to go with a basic orange, black and white color scheme. Use these colors to decorate the party space with balloons, streamers and colored tableware. Once you have dressed the room in Nemo’s colors, you can add a few of these ideas for additional accents.
  • Nemo party hats.
  • Paper bowl jellyfish.
  • Hanging Nemo cutouts: Use the cutout templates from the invitations to make several cardstock Nemos to hang from the ceiling. Nemo coloring pages are a good place to find Nemo’s friends to use as templates for more fishy-friend cutouts.
  • Plastic bag fish: Use coloring pages to create plastic bags of all of Nemo’s aquarium friends to place around the party space.

3. Food

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
According to the movie’s shark characters, Bruce, Anchor and Chum, “Fish are friends, not food.” Unless of course, you’re hosting a Finding Nemo party; then fish is most definitely food. Ideas for the party menu include:
  • Nemo cake: This cake replica of everyone’s favorite fish is fun to make and yummy to eat.
  • Sea turtle cupcakes.
  • Nemo cheese crackers: these cute snacks are easily made with crackers, cheddar cheese, mozzarella string cheese and sliced olives.
  • Fish crackers.
  • Fish shapes: A fish-shaped cookie cutter turns any sandwich, quesadilla or marshmallow cereal treat into friendly fish fare.
  • Nemo pizza: Cut a ready-made, square pizza dough into the shape of Nemo. Use a combination of black olives and orange and white cheese to “color in” the shape to look like Nemo.

4. Games and Crafts

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
What better way to entertain guests at a Finding Nemo party than to make them actually find Nemo? Hide Nemo cutouts or a plush Nemo doll somewhere in the party space. Set a timer and challenge guests to find him before the buzzer rings. Another idea is to have a scavenger hunt that includes a list of items to find along with Nemo himself.

More ideas for Finding Nemo party games and crafts:
  • Make Nemo aquariums just like the one in the dentist's office.
  • Dory memory game: Just like Dory needs to remember, “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney,” challenge guests to remember a name and address at your party. Tell the guests the name and address of your choice as they arrive, and then repeat it a few times throughout the party. Close to the end of the party, gather kids together and ask them to write down the information. Award prizes to those who get it right.
  • Nemo pinata.
  • Shark party games.
  • Bobbing for Nemo.

5. Favors

Any crafts made at the party would also serve well as your Finding Nemo party favors. Additional suggestions include:
  • Nemo stickers.
  • Squirting fish bath toys.
  • Individual packages of fish crackers.
  • Inflatable fish toys.
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