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Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Ideas


The Doc is in -- and the party is on! If your child is a fan of the Disney channel’s favorite little fixer of broken toys, these Doc McStuffins party ideas may be the remedy for a very happy birthday.

1. Invitations

Image © Disney
Use these free, printable Doc McStuffins themed party invitations from Disney Family.com to invite your little one’s friends to the party.

More invitation ideas:
  • Photo of your child dressed like Doc Mcstuffins, or wearing a doctor’s coat and stethoscope.
  • Doc McStuffins coloring pages
  • Cut out the image of your child’s favorite character and trace it onto cardstock. Let the birthday child color in the picture and decorate the invitation.
Don’t forget to add a note asking guests to bring their favorite stuffed friends.

2. Decorations

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Use pink and purple balloons, streamers and tableware to decorate in a Doc McStuffins color scheme. Additional decorating ideas include:
  • On the door to the party space, hang a sign that reads, “The Doc is in.”
  • Make Doc McStuffins’ character cutouts to hang around the party space, along with character coloring pages.
  • Scatter plenty of stuffed animals around the party area, including a lamb, hippo, dragon and snowman to represent the main characters.

3. The Clinic

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
You may want to arrange an area to resemble Doc McStuffins’ clinic. A backyard playhouse like the one Doc uses is a good option, but if you don’t have one, you could use a pop-up play tent, screen room dividers or even create a makeshift partition with sheets. The idea is to have a place where the animals can “come to life” without any witnesses.

Once the space is created, a small table for examining the patients is all you really need. Something with a flat surface, such as a child-sized table or even a dolls bed would work well.

4. Doctor's Gear

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Your child may wish to dress like Doc McStuffins, which would mean a purple striped shirt and a white doctor’s coat. For girls, add a pink skirt and headband to the ensemble. You may encourage guests to come dressed as Doc, or even as their favorite characters.

Another option is to give out lab coats to kids as they arrive. These can simply be white, button down shirts in a larger size than they would normally wear, or even white painters’ smocks you can find at a craft store. Child-sized aprons are another alternative to the lab coat, if they are white and have pockets in which to place the doctor’s tools.

A toy doctor’s kit is something you may already have in your child’s collection of play things. This can be shared among guests as they treat the stuffed animals, or you may purchase a toy doctor’s kit for each guest and use them as the party favors as well.

Another idea is to have kids make their own Doc McStuffins doctor kits as a party craft.

5. Crafts and Games

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
With the clinic all set-up, doctor’s tools in hand and stuffed animals in tow, guests are ready for some Doc McStuffins role-play. Have them take turns playing the various roles of Doc, Hallie, Lambie, Chilly and Stuffy, who all assist in the treating of the “patients.” Give them a “Big Book of Boo-Boos” (purple-covered, spiral notebook with a pink heart drawn on the cover) and some adhesive bandages that have been adorned with heart stickers. Additional crafts and games suggestions include:

6. Food

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Doc McStuffins party foods may be inspired by the show’s characters. Pizza is a kids’ party favorite, so perhaps a “McStuffed” crust variety would do. Additional Ideas for your party menu include:
  • Stuffy shells (stuffed shells).
  • Lambie cake.
  • Hallie-dogs (hot dogs).
  • Chilly-Chili (or use the name Chilly in conjunction with additional cold foods such as snow-cones or ice cream.

7. Favors

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
In addition to the doctor’s kits or any crafts made at the party, suggestions for Doc McStuffins party favors are:
  • Adhesive bandages.
  • Heart stickers.
  • Mini clipboards (painted with the names of guests, such as Doc McJenny).
  • Miniature plush animals.
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