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Brave Party Ideas


A bold princess, lush scenery, magic and adventure -- it's no wonder your child wants a birthday party based on the movie, Brave. Fortunately, many of this movies elements can be replicated with some Brave party ideas, designed to bring the story of Princess Merida to life at your birthday celebration.


Image © DisneyFamily.com
Free, printable Brave invitations are available through Disney Family.com.

If you prefer a homemade invitation, however, you could replicate the style of the response letters Queen Elinor reads at the dinner table. Use an old-style font to print your party details on vintage-style paper (look in craft stores for a style and size that will suit your printer). Fold it into three and seal with a gold seal sticker.


Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Brave party supplies (found via party supply stores) are available with a green, blue and purple color scheme, so you could also use these colors for items such as such as balloons, streamers and paper party goods. You can combine these with some of the following decorating ideas:
  • Dress the party table with Celtic-designed tablecloths.
  • A gazebo or tent can also be draped with Celtic fabrics and signs featuring Scottish crests.
  • A camping tent, whose top has been covered with greenery, can replicate the witch’s cottage.
  • Place a cauldron inside where party guests can pretend to make their own spells. If your tent is large enough, a fun idea is to have an adult dress like the old witch and serve punch from the cauldron inside the tent.
  • Cut large blocks of styrofoam or cardboard into the shapes of the boulders that form the stone circle. Paint the structures with grey paint and use black paint to enhance with Celtic “carvings.” Arrange them in a circle (stake them in the ground) to form your very own circle of stones.
  • Table settings: Serve food from cast iron pots, wooden bowls and pottery. Serve drinks from goblets.

Brave Dress-Up

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
If kids want to dress like the characters from Brave, invite girls to come in green or blue dresses and boys to come dressed in shorts or solid colored pants. Tie lengths of Celtic-patterned ribbon (found in craft stores or cut from Celtic fabric) around their waists. For the boys, pin Tartan fabric to form a mock-kilt over their shorts or pants.

Girls may want to wear Merida hairpieces, which you can purchase from toy stores or make your own using red curling ribbon or yarn, attached to a headband.

Another idea for party guests is to paint their faces with blue face paint, like Lord Macintosh.


Because archery is prevalent in the movie, Brave, you may wish to find a way to incorporate it into your party plan. One way to do this is to give out toy archery sets to party guests. You can also set up a few targets around the party space for free play, or hold an archery tournament.

Another idea is to hire an archery instructor to come and give the kids a lesson.

Black Bears

In Brave, black bears are prominently featured, so invite them to your party, too. Some ideas for adding bears to your party space include:
  • Plush bears.
  • A bear pinata.
  • Bear claws for dessert.
  • Bear stick puppets.


Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Just like Merida follows the wisps to her destiny, your guests can follow them to your party. Line a pathway to the party space with blue "wisps." Ideas for creating a wisp-lind walkway include:
  • Use light blue tissue paper to turn these July 4th luminary jars into "wisp" luminaries.
  • Wrap solar lights with blue vellum or crepe paper and stake them into the ground.
  • Run a clotheline across the party space. Hang a row of blue paper lanterns from the line.
  • Place blue glow sticks inside blue balloons. Fill with helium and use balloon weights to anchor them to form a path.
  • Place flameless tealight candles inside of blue, oragnza bags.
More suggestions for bringing the wisps to your party include:

Party Games and Crafts

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
In addition to archery, there are several choices for Brave party games and crafts.
  • Rock painting: Have guests collect rocks, and then paint them with Celtic designs. When they are dry, have a stone throwing contest, or use twine to turn them into amulet necklaces.
  • Make medallions with bears on them, like the one Merida gives to the witch.
  • Wood carving: perhaps actual whittling isn’t practical for a party craft, but kids can make bear sculptures from play dough or paint figurines found at the craft store.
  • Make these stick horses that guests can decorate like Angus.
  • Make Queen Elinor crowns by cutting crown shapes from craft foam or cardstock paper (you can even find ready-to-decorate, foam crown kits in craft stores). Decorate the crowns with play jewels.
  • Turn coloring pages into tapestries. Have kids color their favorite page from a Brave coloring book. Cut the image out and mount it to a piece of fabric-paper. Fold the top edge of the paper over a long length of ribbon. Tie the exposed ends to form a hanger.
  • Decorate your own royal goblets.
  • Play “Mend the Tapestry.” print the tapestry image from the downloads section of Disney Pixar's official Brave site. Cut Queen Elinor out of the picture. Paste the remaining section of the picture to a poster board. Blindfold kids and see if they can pin Queen Elinor back in place.
  • Check out Carey Bryson's Brave - Movie Related Activities for more ideas, including Scottish dancing, and a cool, Will o’ the wisp science experiment.


Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Ideas for Brave party foods you can incorporate into your party menu:


Items that can be used as Brave-themed party favors include:
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