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Brave Party Crafts and Favors


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Brave Tapestry
Brave Party Crafts and Favors
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have party guests turn their favorite pages from a Brave coloring book inot their very own tapestries. To make a Brave tapestry, you will need:
  • Brave coloring book.
  • Sheets of fabric or decorative, fabric-paper (found in craft stores).
  • Crayons.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Ribbon.
  1. Remove the desired picture from the coloring book and have the child color it.
  2. Once colored in, cut the image out of the page.
  3. With the hot glue gun, mount the image to the sheet of fabric.
  4. Turn the fabric over and fold the top end down (about one inch).
  5. Cut a length of ribbon and insert under the fold. (you will need enough left out of the fold to tie the ends together and form a hanger. Glue the fold closed with the ribbon inside. Bring up the ends of the ribbon to meet, tie them into a bow and hang.
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