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Brave Party Crafts and Favors


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Princess Merida Hair
Brave Party Crafts and Favors
Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Waht girl wouldn't want long, flowing hair like that of Princess Merida? This headband is so easy to make, every princess at your Brave party will be able to wear one!

To make a Princess Merida hair piece, you will need:
  • Wired ribbon or a ready made headband.
  • Red curling ribbon.
  • Scissors.
  1. Cut the wired ribbon to the length you will need to wrap around the head of the person who will wear it.
  2. Form a circle with the ribbon and use a dab of glue (from a hot glue gun) to seal the ends together.
  3. Cut several lengths of the red curling ribbon. You'll need to measure the lengths to be twice as long as you'd like them to fall. Fold the lengths of ribbon over the headband and tie them in the center (so that they form a double layer that hangs from the headband).
  4. Repeat as many times as needed to create your deisred fullness.
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