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How to Throw a Star Wars Birthday Party, Continued

More ideas for an out-of-this-world party


Star Wars Cakes and Other Desserts

You can have a lot of fun when it comes time to serve a Star Wars cake or other dessert. Check out these ideas:

Whew! Now, you just need to decide which Star Wars dessert to serve (good luck).

Star Wars Party Decorations

When choosing a color scheme for a Star Wars party, go with black, gray and white and add tan and blue accents. Here are some parties that look great:

Natalie Putnam’s Star Wars party on Frosted Events and the Star Wars party from Just Jenn Recipes.

Star Wars Party Activities

Here are some easy party games that fit the Star Wars theme:

  • This idea comes from our Real Parties section, where we featured an 8-year-old’s Star Wars Party organized by his mom, Jessica, of the blog Balancing Everything. She engaged the kids in some “Jedi training” by handing out lightsabers made from cardboard tubes and balloons (blown up with regular air, not helium), and then instructing them to see how long they could keep the balloons from touching the ground using their sabers. Simple. Easy. Totally fun.
  • Organize a “Race through the Galaxy” obstacle course, where the guests must jump through hula hoops (planet rings), crawl under low netting or tables (Jedi training) and find a hidden object that gives the contestants light speed racing power, allowing them to skip a station.
  • Play Star Wars bingo, as described on The Tip Junkie.
  • If you plan to have a piñata, make one following these basic piñata-making instructions. Decorate it to look like the Death Star, and then use a baseball bat or stick painted to look like a lightsaber to crack it open.
  • You could also purchase a Darth Vader piñata (compare prices) and let the kids take a swing the ultimate bad guy.
  • What’s a party without pinning a “tail” on something? Pin the buns on Princess Leia’s head … Pin the lightsaber in Hans Solo’s hands … Pin the ears on Yoda. You get the picture.
  • The guests might also enjoy making Star Wars crafts. There’s a Star Wars Craft Book (compare prices) with a plethora of ideas.
  • Create a Star Wars themed backdrop where the kids can have their photo taken.

Also check out:

Star Wars Party Favors

When it comes time to send everyone home with a token of your appreciation, consider these party favors and goodie bag fillers:

  • Flashlights
  • A package of gum labeled “Chewbacca Chewing Gum”
  • Star Wars Pez dispensers
  • Inflatable lightsabers
  • Lightsabers made from empty wrapping paper tubes or foam pipe insulation
  • Star Wars LEGOS
  • You’ll get an A+ for effort on this one, but consider sewing the guests Jedi robes as something they can wear during the bash and then take home as a reminder of the good times they had fighting the Dark Side.
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