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How to Host a Bowling Birthday Party, Continued

There's fun to spare at a bowling party


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A bowling cake doesn't need to be shaped like pins and a bowling ball. This two-tiered cake for a girl's bowling birthday party hangs the bowling gear out on a clothesline.

Megan Cooley

Bowling Party Activities

The beauty of a bowling party is that the activity is already set. A typical bowling party involves bowling during the first hour, and then eating snacks, opening presents, singing the “Happy Birthday” song, eating cake, handing out favors and saying goodbye during the second.

There’s no need to plan for more than that, but you sure can if you’d like. Here are some suggestions:

  • Have the kids crack open a bowling pin-shaped piñata.
  • Hold mini contests during the bowling, such as who bowls with the most style and who can knock over the most pins by bowling backwards. FamilyFun magazine has some more bowling party activities along those lines.
  • Set up a craft table where kids can paint their own mini bowling pins.

Bowling Party Food and Cake

Most bowling alleys will require you to order food from their kitchen if you’re serving lunch, dinner or snacks. You’ll likely choose between items like pizza, hamburgers, French fries and other typical bowling alley food.

The venue will probably let you bring in your own cakes or cupcakes, though, which is great because bowling-themed treats are fun to make (or fun to order from your favorite bakery!).

A popular idea is to serve a cake shaped like a bowling ball and two pins. The cake could also be a long rectangle frosted brown to resemble a bowling lane.

You could frost the cake in a simple way and then decorated with bowling pin cookies.

For the bowling party we threw for my daughter's sixth birthday, I had the bakery make a simple two-tiered cake with light-pink frosting. Then I printed small images of bowling shoes, shirts and bags off the internet, cut them out and attached them to a clothesline I made from sticks and string. I attached them using mini clothespins, which are available at craft stores. I inserted the clothesline on the top of the cake to serve as a quickly cake topper. (Pictured on in the image section of this page and previous page.)

If you prefer cupcakes, you could use fondant to decorate them with bowling images.

You could also frost the cupcakes in a simple way and then wrap them in these bowling-themed cupcake wrappers.

Or frost them with a solid color and then place three M&Ms on them (“M” side down) to resemble a bowling ball with finger holes.

Bowling Party Favors

For bowling party favors, shop for bowling pin-shaped items, such as water bottles and flashlights.

Or, be sure to take a photo of each guest as they’re bowling, send the kids home with a picture frame, and then have the photos printed. Mail the photo to each child along with their thank you card so they can then insert the picture in the frame.

Here’s an idea for you crafsters: make a small bag shaped like a bowling bag using an X-acto knife, glue and cardstock, and then fill the bag with candies or other small prizes.

Ever notice how Nutter Butter cookies sort of look like bowling pins? Fill a cellophane baggie with some of those, plus some small gumballs (to mimic bowling balls).

The bottom line? Don’t let the venue limit you when you host a bowling birthday party. You can still bring your own creativity to the (sometimes dark and dreary) space.

And then sit back and watch the birthday kid and the guests bowl the day away.

Have you thrown a bowling birthday before? Tell us about it in our readers’ real parties section.

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