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Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

These resources will help you plan a warm-weather party


Does your child have a summer birthday? The articles and links below will help you plan a fun-in-the-sun party for your child.

1. Red, White and Blue Finger Jell-O

4th of July Dessert, Jello Recipe, 4th of July Jello, red white and blue dessert, red white and blue
Megan Cooley

Watch it wiggle! This red, white and blue finger Jell-O would be a hit at a Flag Day party, Fourth of July celebration, Bastille Day gathering or at the birthday party of any patriotic kid. Or, alter the colors to fit any other theme.

2. Real Birthday Parties: A Baseball Bash for a 6-Year-Old Boy

Baseball Party Favors, Baseball Party Favors, baseball goody bags, baseball goodie bags, loot bags
Image courtesy of Stephanie Frazier Grimm, of Couture Parties.

Take me out to the ball game! This baseball-themed party has all the classic elements of a ballpark bash (even peanuts!).

3. Real Birthday Parties: A Beach Bash

Beach Birthday, Beach Birthday crafts, activities, summer birthday, winter birthday, ideas, summer b
Jenny Rosenstrach, of Dinner A Love Story.
This beach birthday was thrown during the winter, but you could use the ideas anytime of year.

4. Free Printable Flower Card or Invitation

Flower Card, summer card, birthdays, party invitations, free printables, summertime birthday theme
Photo courtesy of Lil' Magoolie.
This DIY flower card from the blog Lil' Magoolie could be used as an invitation, thank you note, party craft activity or decoration.

5. 'Garden Party' Cupcakes

Garden Cupcakes, Dirt Dessert, Hello Cupcake, Garden Party, Hello Cupcake!, Dirt Cake, kids birthday
Megan Cooley
These garden cupcakes would make the perfect treat at party with a fairy, garden, spring, Earth Day or other spring or summer theme.

6. Real Birthday Parties: Go Fly a Kite!

Orange Party, Kite Cupcakes, Kite Party, Kite Birthday Party, kite party decorations, girls birthday
Photo by Jackie Wonders Photography for Elizabeth Seaton, of Posh Paperie.
This orange-themed party took flight when the birthday girl's mom decided to add kites to the mix.

7. FAQ: What Ideas Do You Have for an Old-Fashioned Picnic Party?

picnic party, picnic birthday party, old-fashioned birthday party, old fashioned, party themes, birt
Megan Cooley
A reader wanted help on a backyard barbecue bash she planned to throw for her daughter's fifth birthday. The result: ideas you could use for any outdoor party, whether you're celebrating the Fourth of July, Labor Day or a family reunion.

8. An Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Photo by Andrea Carlyle and provided by In Good Company.
How to throw a mad tea party under the trees for a birthday kid enchanted by Alice in Wonderland.

9. Real Birthday Parties: A Ladybug Party for Twins

ladybug party, ladybug birthday, themes, first birthday, cake, toddler, baby, ideas, parties, kids
Megan Cooley
Get ideas from this ladybug party if your little one asks for a garden party during spring or summer.

10. Eight Great Outdoor Party Games for Kids

From hot potato to hula hoopin', you'll get ideas here for outdoor fun.

11. Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

About.com's Guide to Grandparents rounds up some of the all-time favorite outdoor party games for children.

12. Product Review: Star-Shaped Cookie Pan

star cookies, star cookie pan, Wilton, product review, cake pans, stars, cookie cutters, star-shaped
Megan Cooley
This star-shaped cookie pan from Wilton makes patriotic and tasty treats.
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