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Real Birthday Parties: Get Birthday Ideas, Then Throw Your Own

Be inspired by photos and stories from real birthday parties


Need birthday ideas for your child's next bash? Find inspiration--for decorations, invitations, menus, cakes and everything in between--from these real birthday parties that have been held for kids across the U.S. and around the world.

1. Real Birthday Parties: Sleeping Beauty Goes Camping

stuffed bunny, princess party favors, princess party theme, princess party favor, plush bunny
Megan Cooley

When a little girl can't decide between a Sleeping Beauty-themed party and a camping one, what do you do? Combine them into one fun party with lots of DIY details.

2. Real Birthday Parties: A Woodland Fairy Party

Fairy wand, fairy wands, magic wands, favors for a fairy party, fairy birthday favors, natural wands
Image courtesy of Boston-based Kate Landers Events, LLC.

Enter an enchanted forest and flutter about wearing fairy wings at this woodland-themed party hosted by professional party planner Kate Landers.

3. Real Birthday Parties: A Baseball Party

Baseball Party Decorations, Baseball Party Supplies, how to decorate for a baseball party, simple de
Image courtesy of Stephanie Frazier Grimm, of Couture Parties.

A professional party planner throws a Red Sox-themed bash for her son's sixth birthday.

4. Real Birthday Parties: An Orange Party that Incorporates Kites

Orange Party, Kite Cupcakes, Kite Party, Kite Birthday Party, kite party decorations, girls birthday
Photo by Jackie Wonders Photography for Elizabeth Seaton, of Posh Paperie.

Elizabeth Seaton's daughter Hailey wanted an orange party for her third birthday, so Elizabeth brought the color to life using kites.

5. Real Birthday Parties: An Indoor Beach Party in the Middle of Winter

Beach Birthday, Beach Birthday Favors, prizes, summer birthday, winter birthday, ideas, summer birth
Jenny Rosenstrach, of Dinner A Love Story.

Does your winter birthday kid long for an easy, breezy summertime birthday theme? Throw a beach birthday bash indoors, even if there's snow on the ground.

6. Real Birthday Parties: An Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party

Mad Hatter Party Menu, Alice in Wonderland party menu, decorations, Alice in Wonderland party, drink
Photo by Andrea Carlyle and provided by In Good Company.

Step into the magical world of Wonderland with Alice, the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. This party theme could be a hit with young kids, as well as teens.

7. Real Birthday Parties: A Ladybug Party for Twins Turing One

ladybug party, ladybug birthday, themes, first birthday, toddler, baby, ideas, parties, kids, outfit
Megan Cooley

Twin sisters Emma and Camille celebrate their first birthday with a red and black ladybug party. 

8. Real Birthday Parties: A Madeline Party Based on the Classic Books

Madeline, Madeline books, birthdays, themes, parties, kids, cake, children, Madeline party, French,
Photo courtesy of Kate Landers Events LLC

Boston-based event planner Kate Landers throws a Madeline party for a birthday girl and her 11 friends. 

9. Real Birthday Parties: A Mock Slumber Party

slumber party, birthdays, themes, kids, parties, ideas, sleep over, sleepover, mock slumber party,
Photo courtesy of Giggledust Parties.
A party-planner mom throws a mock slumber party for her 8-year-old daughter, completed with a bed-shaped table, a secret hideout and a room full of pajama-clad friends.

10. Real Birthday Parties: Construction Theme for a 2-Year-Old Boy

Construction birthday party, Bob the Builder, themes, kids, parties, birthdays, ideas, cookies
Photo courtesy of Jessica Levitt of Juicy Bits and Christianne Ebel of Hippie Chick Photography.
Young Theo enjoys a yellow, orange and brown Bob the Builder birthday with several details made by his mom, Jessica.
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