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How to Throw a Minnie's Bowtique Party


Put on your mouse ears and get ready to celebrate in Minnie Mouse style. A Minnie’s Bow-tique party theme is sure to please little fans of Mickey’s gal pal and the specialty shop where she crafts those fashionable bows. So come and join the party, because like the song says, if fun and fashion are what you seek, you’re always welcome at Minnie’s Bow-tique!


Image ©Christine Gauvreau
These cute invitations feature mouse ears and a bow, just like Minnie makes in her bowtique. Cut the shape out of black cardstock paper and add a pink bow to the center. You can use a round jar lid as a template to trace the shape of the mouse ears and a butterfly cookie cutter to trace the bow shape.

You can add text that on the back that reads something like:
Anna is turning three!
You’re always welcome in her bowtique!
When: September 5th; 2:00 PM
Where: 77 Claret Avenue

You can use a pink crayon, white marker or pink glitter pen to write the text on the black paper. Additional ideas for Minnie’s Bowtique invitations:
  • Free, printable Minnie’s Bowtique invites from DisneyFamily.com.
  • Photo of the birthday child dressed as Minnie Mouse.
  • A cardstock invitation that has been cut into the shape of a bow.
  • Pink with white polka-dot invitation cards.


Image ©Christine Gauvreau
An easy way to set the foundation for your decorating is with a color scheme of black, pink and white (along with pink with white polka dots). You can use these colors for simple decorating items such as balloons, crepe-paper streamers and basic tableware. Suggestion for other items to add to your party space include:
  • Make additional cutouts like the ones for the invitations. String them together to create a Minne’s bowtique garland.
  • Set the party table with black and pink paper plates that have been arranged to form Minnie’s head and ears.
  • Fold paper napkins into the shape of bows.
  • Add black mouse ears to pink party hats.

Party Menu

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
When serving food for a child’s birthday, I always like to suggest serving the guest of honor’s favorite food, then adding a few items that match the party theme to the menu. Sometimes, however, you get lucky and the birthday kid’s favorite food already works for the theme. When my three-year old requested a Minnie’s bowtique birthday, for instance, I knew her choice of macaroni and cheese could be made with “bowtique” (bowtie) pasta.

In addition to using bowties for a pasta dish, suggestiosn for Minnie’s bowtique party food include:
  • Butterfly cookie cutter sandwiches.
  • Minnie-face sandwiches.
  • Marshmallows “dotted” with pink sugar crystals.
  • Minnie Mouse birthday cake.
  • Mouse ear cupcakes.
  • Minnie (mini) marshmallows.
  • Minnie (mini) meatball sliders.
  • Minnie’s Punch (pink lemonade mixed with seltzer).
  • Chocolate sandwich creme cookies, arranged in the pattern of mouse ears.

Games and Crafts

Image ©Christine Gauvreau
What better Minnie’s bowtique party craft is there than to make hair bows? Twist wire ribbon into the shape of hair bows and glue them to barrettes or hair pins. Cardstock paper is another idea for making bows. You can help kids trace and cut out the bows, and then decorate their paper bows with items such as crayons, wrapping paper and glitter.

More ideas for party activities:
  • Make party hats ears.
  • Minnie and Daisy relay race: Divide guests into two teams: Team Minnie and Team Daisy. Set out a pink outfit for team Minnie and a purple outfit for team Daisy. Line up the teams and have the first players from each team race to dress in their outfits. Once dressed, the players must take the outfits off and pass it to the next players in line. The first team whose players have all worn the outfit wins the race.
  • Try a few of the Mickey and Minnie inspired crafts and activities from DisneyFamily.com.


Image ©Christine Gauvreau
Guests can take home the bows they make at the party as their favors, but if you want to give additional favors, here are a few ideas:
  • Minnie Ear Treat bags. Write “thank you” on ear-shaped cutouts, and staple them to loot bags filled with treats.
  • Bowtique Photos: During the party, have kids wear the bows they made and pose for a photo, just like the patrons at Minnie’s bowtique! Print the photos for guests to take home. You can even make paper photo frames with a polka dot pattern to hold the photos.
  • Turn snack-size zipper bags into bows by filling with candy and cinching in the center with ribbon.
  • Mouse ears.
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