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First Birthday Party Ideas


What kind of party should we have? Where will we get the cake? How many people should we invite and what will we feed them? Who knew that planning a baby’s first birthday party would raise as many questions as caring for the baby in the first place? Okay, so maybe the first birthday party isn’t quite as hard to manage as the first diaper change, first teething session or every late night feeding, but it is an event that takes some consideration to plan. Whether you’re looking for the perfect party menu, contemplating a party theme or searching for games to entertain your guests, this resource is filled with ideas to help you navigate your way through the first birthday planning process.

First Birthday Themes

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Need ideas for putting together a cohesive first birthday party? This collection of party themes offers a variety of ideas for parents planning this milestone celebration. From a party that celebrates the apple of your eye to a theme based on the popular children’s show, Sesame Street, perhaps one of our favorite first birthday party theme ideas will be a favorite of yours, too!

First Birthday Party Games

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The flurry of activity as guests celebrate with your baby may be enough to entertain the birthday child, but chances are you’ll have people of all ages in attendance. Activities designed to occupy everyone from babies to grandparents offer a chance for guests to engage in fun activities and create special memories in honor of the occasion. From a soft play area for the smallest of guests to the building of a time capsule, this selection of first birthday party ideas may be just thing you need to plan a memorable event for everyone.

How to Throw a First Birthday Party

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Wondering what to do about first birthday gifts? Want more party theme ideas? Ideas for everything from the wording of the invites to tips for baby’s first birthday cake -- including advice on blowing out the candle – can be found in this article by Megan Cooley.

First Birthday Cake

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Check out this precious, pink first birthday cake for little girls or get inspired by browsing the gallery of birthday cakes for boys and girls of all ages.

Kids Party Menu

Wondering if just birthday cake is enough? These tips for planning the meals for a kid’s party can help you decide whether you need to serve a full meal, some light snacks or just let them eat cake. Once you’ve determined the type of meal to serve, read on for ideas to fill your party menu.

Party Planning Timeline

Caring for a one-year-old takes a lot of time and effort. Who needs to fret over party details? This party planning timeline provides a week-to-week schedule of things to do in preparation for a children’s birthday celebration, along with a sample itinerary for the party itself. With all of the essentials checked off ahead of time, parents can actually kick back and enjoy the big day when it arrives.

DIY Invitation Tips

With so much else to plan, it’s may be easiest to simply pick up a package of pre-printed invites at the card shop. This is perfectly fine since what matters most is that the people you love attend, no matter how they are invited. If you want to make your own invitations, however, these tips can help you choose the homemade option that best suits your occasion.
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