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Birthday Party Themes for Ages 5-7


Once upon a time, your child would thrill over little more than a few candles on a Dora or Diego birthday cake. Those days can start to seem far, far away, however, once you enter the realm of party planning for kids ages 5-7. Most children at this age have plenty of ideas and want to be an active part of the planning process. Thankfully, you won’t need a magic wand to pull off a celebration that satisfies everyone. The right theme, combined with a few accessories, can help you throw a party that would make your fairy godmother proud.

Enchanted Forest Party

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An enchanted forest theme invites guests to celebrate a magical birthday. Suggestions to summon the young fairies and elves include fairy coloring pages or cardstock cut into the shapes of fairies.

Consider hosting this party in an outdoor space, such as the backyard or garden, or transform an indoor space with a gathering of tree branches and floral accessories. Strings of lights and woodland creature statues are additional decorations to consider. A bubble-making machine and sprinkling of "fairy dust" (confetti) may be used to enhance the magical atmosphere.

Activities such as an enchanted forest scavenger hunt and "magic bead" jewelry making will make guests hungry for mystical menu items served along with magic potion beverages.

In addition to the magic jewelry, ideas for party favors include woodland creature coloring books, pixie sticks and fairy dust bottles.

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Dude Ranch Party

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When your little cowboy or cowgirl requests a western themed birthday party, you might first conjure images of an at home party. You might even envision transforming your yard with hay bales and wagon wheels. You just might draw the line, however, at the thought of actual horses galloping around your lawn. Instead of trying to bring the ranch to your home, why not bring the party to the ranch? A dude ranch or riding stable offers the perfect setting for a western themed party, complete with the authentic cowboy experience of actual horseback riding. And best of all, you won’t have to clean up after the party -- or the horses!

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Wake-Up Party

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Though sleepovers are popular with older kids, many children at this age may not be ready for an all-nighter. Instead of a slumber party, throw a wake-up party where guests arrive first thing in the morning, still dressed in their pajamas.

Menu suggestions for a wake-up party include breakfast cupcakes (omelets baked in muffin pans), fruit slices arranged in the pattern of a sunrise and orange juice served in plastic goblets.

Kids can enjoy slumber party crafts and traditional activities such as pillow fights or decorating pillowcases, along with games that incorporate the theme of sleeping and waking up, like “Sleepwalking Musical Chairs.”

Favor suggestions for a wake-up party include single-serve cereal boxes, personalized toothbrushes and alarm clocks.

Backward Birthday

Who wouldn't love a party where the cake is served upon arrival? At a backward-themed birthday party, the cake – and everything else – is out of order. The way this party breaks all of the rules will certainly appeal to kids at this age.

From turning the furniture in the party space backward to asking guests to walk backward, ideas for carrying out this party theme can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. Suggestions for backward party elements include backward nametags, backward relay races and a banner that reads, “Birthday Happy!” Serve the birthday cake first and the main fare toward the end of the event. Favors wrapped in upside down paper make fun parting gifts for guests as they leave – walking out backward, of course.

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