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How to Make Doc McStuffins Party Favors and Crafts


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Lambie Cake
How to Make Doc McStuffins Party Favors and Crafts
Image ©Christine Gauvreau
What better way to complete a Doc McStuffins birthday than with a character cake? To make a Lambie cake, you will need:
  • Cake mix and ingredients listed for recipe.
  • Two round cake pans.
  • White frosting.
  • Pink frosting.
  • Candy for the facial features.
  • A cookie sheet or platter on which to assemble and display the cake.
  1. Bake the cake in two round cake pans, according to the baking time for the size of your cake pans.
  2. When the cakes are cool, place one of the round cakes on the platter to serve as Lambie’s head.
  3. Cut the shapes of Lambie’s ears and hair bow out of the second round cake.
  4. Frost the bottom ¾ of the head with pink frosting for the face. Frost the top ¼ with white frosting.
  5. Cover the center of the ears with pink frosting, and outline them with white frosting.
  6. Cover the hair bow with pink frosting.
  7. Arrange candy to form the facial features. For the cake pictured, I used hard round candies for the eyes, then flattened out and sliced fruit leather for the eyelashes. I reshaped taffy for the nose and mouth and used sprinkles for the freckles.
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