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How to Surprise Your Child on His or Her Birthday Morning

Start the day with balloons, a favorite breakfast and other surprises


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Looking for birthday morning surprises for your child? Add small paper hats and balloons to photos already framed and on display in your house. It will look like everyone in the pictures is ready to party.

Megan Cooley

Sometimes kids are so sleepy in the morning, they even forget when it's their birthday.

Well, if you follow this advice, they'll remember right away.

Take a look at these birthday morning ideas you could follow to surprise your child, and then add your own suggestions at the link below.

  • Place a helium balloon above your child's bed so it's the first thing he or she sees in the morning. Or, fill the room with dozens of helium balloons. What a way to wake up!
  • Cover the birthday kid's doorway with streamers or a happy birthday sign she must walk through to get out of her room.
  • Place a birthday message on the bathroom mirror or underneath the toilet seat lid.
  • Have your child's favorite breakfast cooking when he wakes up.
  • Serve a breakfast muffin with a candle on top.
  • Take the birthday kid out for breakfast.
  • Decorate the house for the birthday party while the child is sleeping.
  • Place a wrapped present on the floor outside his bedroom door.
  • Hand your child a clue when she wakes up, setting her on a treasure hunt. Leave several clues around the house until she reaches the final destination, where her first present awaits.
  • Hang a birthday banner in the birthday kid's room.
  • Play with the age your child is turning. If he's turning 5, for instance, make him a pancake shaped like the number five, put paper handprints around the house and greet him with a high five in the morning. If she's turning 7, serve 7up for breakfast.
  • Decorate the front yard or porch in a festive way. You could stick signs in the grass or spell out happy birthday with rocks, for instance.
  • Hang a happy birthday sign on the outside of your child's bedroom window facing in, so when he opens his blinds or curtains it's the first thing he sees.
  • Have a playlist of birthday-themed songs playing when she wakes up.
  • Take a tip from blogger Marissa Garner and add tiny paper party hats and balloons to the family photos that are framed around your house, so it looks like the pictures are ready to party.
  • Using a service like Rasterbator, print a larger-than-life picture of the birthday kid and hang it on a wall.

Now it's your turn. How do you surprise your birthday kid in the morning?

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